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  1. Everything can not and should not be changed for SD. This to shall pass but until then use the stairs if you are concerned or must use an elevator on a ship wear a mask or you may have to pass on cruising for a while.
  2. You think this is the same??? Well ok then. It was a simple question and you did nothing to answer. 👏
  3. I never knew the CDC can give ORDERS. I thought elected officials did that.
  4. We are scheduled to sail June13 to Bermuda from Cape Liberty, NJ. Optimist.😄
  5. :That is a great piece of investigative journalism and is probably bound for another Pulitzer prize. "...Hope that was sarcasm.
  6. I called RC after they moved their cruise date from May to June 12. We are on a cruise to depart June 13th. We wanted to look into moving our cruise to July or August. After I finally got a person on the phone connection was garbled and the person had no idea what to do. Told me to wait until closer to my cruise. I wanted to move it. She said I have to cancel and rebook. I said ok...they hung up. Nice to have a person speak to you but in the end useless. I understand to a degree but I would prefer a call back feature. I wouldn't care if I wouldn't get a call for days as long as the perso
  7. I have seen babies younger than 6 months so...anyway, I would not tell them my medical issues listed ….PERIOD and I would like them to ask for a medical clearance or a Dr. note
  8. Regarding number 2....I do not suffer from any but by what legal authority do they have to ask and ban a passenger. Should they ask and ban people who have a drinking problem from buying the drink package? How about ask people if they have any mental illness to insure no one jumps off the boat. Criminal records? None of their business and I would not share any of with a cruise line.
  9. As someone who worked in IT all my career I have been personally responsible fo computer applications that have not adapted to situations in a very elegant manor. There are other things to be concerned about.
  10. Where were they when all the infectious children troop on with flu and cold infections all these years?. Do they have to have Peds note? Hope so.
  11. Bookers is great bourbon...I have had good bourbon on a large ice ball. Melts slowly. Nice talking to fellow bourbon enthusiasts. Cheers!
  12. Makers or Jim Beam are ok Manhattan bourbons but the premium package has Woodford. The Edge had bourbon specialty drinks featuring bourbon. FYI to a poster above...Manhattans are stirred never shaken. They would be watered down and basically undrinkable.
  13. Pens....hmmmm. Anyway pencils are lovely.
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