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  1. We sailed 9/12 on the Oasis. Never made a reservation in the windjammer. They make you scan your card to keep a count to make sure they don't exceed a pre determined capacity. Never had a problem. One problem that made eating there a pain was since both vacced and unvacced can eat there they "social distanced" to an extreme and made finding a place to sit a struggle. If the ship had more passengers this would have been a nightmare but we were 2400 in a ship that holds 6000. I think they went over board. I saw maybe 3 adults without the blue bracelet and there was only a hand full of kids. Everyone is tested so more tables please,
  2. We sat at a table in a more active part of the dining room...on purpose. We actually could and did speak on occasion to the people next to us. We didn't become BFFs just a few pleasantries. I usually chose the side of the table that required me to pass between the space separating our tables. I didn't need to present my butt to either table. There was space for me to pass between facing forward. We want that table and enjoyed. There are many tables you can be seated at that will separate further if you wish. Since the ship is not even half full I'm sure they can meet your table requirements. True.. also I'm sure there was plenty of space in the un vacced dining on other floor.
  3. We sailed on Oasis 9/12. Casino....masks were not required but if you wish to wear one feel free. There was no "social distancing" can't really expect in a Casino that small. Good news over 99% of passengers were vaccinated and EVERYONE had a negative covid test. Staff can not leave ship...only in coco cay. They do allow smoking. Half the casino is non smoking but that does not totally help
  4. We were o the Oasis ..the 9/12 sailing. They hustled everyone off as fast and early as possible. We were in no hurry so sign up for a 8:30 disembark. By 7:40 our number was called. When we went to pick up our luggage most were already gone and the parking garage there was not very traffic.
  5. Just cruised on the Oasis. You show your vaccination card, EVERYONE has to be tested no earlier than 2 days before departure and you get and must where a proof bracelet. Un- vacced people ( and there were hardly any) eat in their own dining room. Staff are tested weekly and were only aloud off ship in Coco Cay. So, if you don't feel safe the ship you can't feel safe anywhere.
  6. Many bad things happen with a little idea it is a tip of the ice berg. How about a chip in your hand so you can be traced , your medical info and other medical compliance info can be accessed and can be used to purchase anywhere like on a cruise? Sound great? Careful.
  7. Small risk given EVERYONE is tested and 99.7 percent are vaccinated and crew can't leave the ship and they are tested weekly. More risk driving to the local coffee shop.
  8. We just got off too...they hustled us off pretty quick. We picked 8:15 disembark and they call our number at 7:40. There was some positives of a 2300 passenger count but it was sometimes like a ghost town. Go have a drink at the Opuis bar. It's hidden at he entrance of the MDR on deck 3. Julius is the bartender and very nice to sit and chat with.
  9. Just got off the Oasis today. Towel animals are still a thing.
  10. I have a question....I never get wifi mainly because I don't need nor care to be connected. This cruise I would like access for an hour on one day. Is that possible?
  11. Hey..probably walk around awhile...been on this ship before but want to check it out, drop our stuff off in cabin. How about on deck 15 at Lime and Coconut bar at 4:00ish? (time flexible). I'm wearing my Eagles shirt with an Eagles Marti Gras Beads. Patricia will have her Pink Eagles hat and beads as well (it's NFL Opening Day). 6 Days to go!!!
  12. Hey ..yes on the roll call but not doing the bar crawl thing...We have a 1:00 embark time and will be milling about. Let me know if you want to hook up for cocktails and pre sail away chill.
  13. Hi ecslady...my friend Patricia and I are sailing next week too. If you would like we are anytime diners and have reservations at 7:00 on Sunday night..in dining room on 3rd deck, both vacced. You are welcome to join us....if you would like. Paula
  14. Royal better make up their mind and notify if they do. I'm sailing 9/12 and our instruction is 3 days prior
  15. Can't speak for you but I don't think it's masks but more so constant hand washing habit and have learned to be aware of touching my nose, eyes and face in general without had wash.
  16. yes a proctor with video validation but if you tell people a home test is good....bad things happen like waving at the dock as your ship sails.
  17. Home test kit is not accepted. Can't set up appointments this far ahead....tried. Have to wait until 9/9 is available. Yeah I know what to do but many do not...clearly.
  18. Yes they accept rapid antigen....they better. CVS in my area gave me 3-7 days to get result for PCR. Testing volume and lab backups.
  19. I am cruising 9/12 and have started getting intel on testing locally (PA). PCR testing is available everywhere HOWEVER every place I went said testing demand has risen and lab work load as well. they said PCR results back in 3-7 days no guarantees. So......that eliminates PCR testing. For rapid testing the earliest for me would be 9/9 and have to wait for appointments to open up that far out. Does anyone need more stress...no. Frankly RCCL should get with the program and have a covid test hot line that can help people if there is an issue and are cruising with the 3 day window.
  20. I'm sailing 9/12. I have started looking for where I can get a rapid test (some places will not give unless you have symptoms). Rite aid, Walgreens and one CVS told me labs are getting very busy and result times are 3-7 days for PCR. Soooooo have to get a rapid test.
  21. 100% agree. In the span of time the "app" is a new phenomenon. Yes cool....yes has your calendar is there, you can make reservations, ok and you can communicate with others in your group (if you have a group this is the best function). Check in is now very app dependent so ok. I (just me) don't want to walk around holding my phone or carry something to put it in. (many woman's shorts have shallow pockets...I've left my phone in chairs often). I leave mine off in my cabin. Yes maybe a generational thing. I was in technology all my career so not a fear or inability to use "technology" So for me I want disengage with internet and the world and actually look at and talk to people, walk around, enjoy the sea and enjoy my cocktails saying hello to everyone. I will be fine and be able to take advantage of everything on the ship. Only thing you do need is that little plastic card. Cheers and let's all go float.
  22. Thanks now I feel better.....NOT. All places I went to said if you were leaving now might be ok but getting worse. Labs getting busy causing NO guarantees. Sounds like I need someone that will give a rapid test, without, symptoms. Total clown car.
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