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  1. Bless your soul FC!!! Thanks for finding these! I'm hoping HAL will follow suit in the next day or two
  2. I suppose the next few days will be the real tell to see what happens. I'm sure authorities there are looking closely at what happened with Vancouver and Victoria, and will take a lot of things into consideration.
  3. My mind is a jumble with everything at work now.... is the Seattle Port closed or considering closing? If so, I really can't see how not just HAL, but all cruise lines, doing Alaska sailings?
  4. Yeppers.... should we get a pool going as to how long before HAL follows the Princess Plan?? Here's another link to the story written by a colleague of mine. https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/03/13/feds-announce-flight-restrictions-cruise-ship-ban-amid-covid-19-outbreak/
  5. I'll go out on a limb and say if Vancouver and Victoria ports are closed....HAL will quickly follow suit to Princess and shut down for 2 months
  6. Doing my best while trying to still live somewhat normally 😄 Be safe yourself!
  7. What I'm hearing is that decision will be made by Transport Canada very soon. A Globe and Mail story from Wednesday said Transport Canada is looking at various options https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/british-columbia/article-bc-ports-prepare-for-an-uncertain-cruise-ship-season/
  8. that's the big kicker here...for TransPacific and TransAtlantic sailings.... absolutely ZIP has been communicated
  9. At close of trading today, CCL is listed at $14.97...down $6.80 from close yesterday at this rate...it will be a penny stock next week
  10. In my case... I've got until March 31 for the FCC portion... I also have Platinum CPP. We are/were scheduled to leave on April 19 for our TA on Zuiderdam I'm hoping that HAL will follow suit with Princess, that way I get more bang for my FCC down the road. If for some reason not, I still know I'm covered for damn near everything.
  11. Here in my province of Alberta, people are being told NOT to go to Doctor's offices or ER's if they think they have COVID-19. They are told to self-isolate and to call our provincial health link number to receive instructions.
  12. That's the $64 (canadian) question. I'm guessing within the next few days, either the BC or Canadian government will be making some decision on whether to keep it open or not.
  13. I'm betting that more CCL lines will follow suit...which would mean the share could drop significantly further..
  14. Agreed...and depending on what happens with Vancouver, could swing HAL that way as well
  15. Likewise, mine is part of my benefit package from my employment, I called this morning and received a similar answer, with a pandemic declared, I would not be covered should I choose to travel.
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