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  1. Just looked at my excursions for an upcoming cruise. Still painfully slow. So "your mileage may vary." 🙂
  2. Anything special for Thanksgiiving?
  3. We got 5 out of 6 (2 of each) on sea days including on our anniversary. Seems like enough for now. We will wait to make new additional reservations once on the ship.
  4. For our Miami to Miami November 15 cruise, it appears that I can make up to 15 reservations. We are in a concierge cabin for this 24 night cruise. I thought that we would only be allowed 3. On my account it says 3 of 15 Dining Reservations Completed. I added 3 more and it says 6 of 15 Dining Reservations Completed. I may add some more tomorrow. Are we special? 😀 Or is the ship that empty?
  5. Of course. But everyone reading this forum can use the link, but some will not have Excel 😀
  6. A useful tool to calculate the date for 60 (or any) days before embarkation ... https://www.timeanddate.com/date/dateadd.html
  7. Like Jimmcdaniel, we are on this cruise as well. We have not receive any correspondence regarding vaccination status. jim (insert guinea pig emoji here)
  8. See https://www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/great-stirrup-cay.
  9. In my experience, Jason (or an assistant) does read and reply to your emails.
  10. It can carry more than 6,000 passengers but has just under 900 currently on board to allow for social-distancing measures. Must be spooky. 😀
  11. How long before a ship sails does Regent usually send out the cruise info packet?
  12. Same with us on Voyager Lisbon -> Cape Town. Nov 12 LAX -> CPT Dec 12 CPT -> LAX
  13. BTW, the WP has a limit of 1 free article. Just clear your browser cache and click the link again, if they ask you for money!
  14. see CDC extends no-sail order for cruises until Oct. 1 This breaking news on WP. Link may change.
  15. We were hoping that South Africa’s tourism industry eyes September return was not a fantasy 😀 .
  16. The Lisbon -> Cape Town cruise was certainly not overbooked😀. It had 213 cabins available (according to a favorite cabin availability site) or ~39% occupancy on 6/19, 2days after final payment was due.
  17. All Oct-Dec Voyager cruises are wait listed! Prelude to cancellation?
  18. We too are booked on the Voyager Lisbon -> Cape Town cruise. Perhaps it will go! See South Africa’s tourism industry eyes September return. Payment is due Wednesday, but we are still undecided. I hate to plunk down $30k only to have to wait 90 days after the cruise is canceled to get it back. We really have been looking forward to this cruise (our first Regent cruise and first cruise since the 90s with the kids). Currently, about half of the cabins are available, so social distancing should be doable!
  19. I seriously doubt that Voyager will go on the November 14, 2020 Lisbon -> Cape Town voyage, with SA's recent announcement. See https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/south-africa-tourism-reopening-2021/.
  20. We are booked on the November Lisbon -> Cape Town Voyager cruise. Payment is due June 17. I wonder if they will cancel it before then.
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