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  1. She's going past just now
  2. I just realised, today is the day I was supposed to be arriving in NYC after my now-cancelled westbound TA. So the QM2 is due out of Southampton this evening and will sail by my window, hopefully before it gets dark, as a reminder of what might have been...
  3. Or it was that boss@cruisecritic.co.uk email address? 😉
  4. I have tried that several times, and you never hear from them back.
  5. I see that the three Queens had an illicit meet up in the Channel earlier this evening.
  6. It is, generally a lot more pleasant in deck during an eastbound, as often there is no wind at all, whereas the westbound crossing is into the prevailing wind and can be extremely windy on deck.
  7. It can be tough for the dogs, and for the owners. It’s an experience but some potential passengers seem unaware that it will also be hard work. Imagining wafting around the ship enjoying the activities, dropping in now and again to see how your dog is getting along, isn’t how it goes. The kennels open for about eight hours a day, and owners (except the occasional irresponsible one) will be with their dogs in the kennels for all of that time. For the rest of the time your dog will be locked in a cage.
  8. All I'm saying is that it's a bit like someone asking what it's like to travel Grills, and getting a reply from a regular passenger with a photo of the Grills dining room taken through door.
  9. So I must have read their minds! I was talking kennels to Cunard, and they won't be opening on that cruise. So what they said about TAs appears right - we likely won't see any before April next year.
  10. I can only report what Cunard said. The current cancellations simply reflect the CDC embargo on cruising before November. One quite strong possibility, I guess, is that when cruising resumes it will be on a national rather than international basis - as Cunard is already scheduling for this summer in the UK. Thus perhaps the November TA might be replaced by a cruise up the US coast?
  11. Blogs from travellers who pop up for a quick look at and photo of the kennels are next to useless for anyone considering taking a dog across the Atlantic for a week, tbh.
  12. The bigger question is whether this will run at all. A conversation I had with Cunard just a few days ago indicated that they're still expecting that cancellation of all of this year's TAs is more likely than not.
  13. To be fair, there's a bit of a difference between travelling to Southampton from within the UK, and flying across the Atlantic for a cruise, especially with all the restrictions on international travel still in place. Further, the short term outlook in the US remains uncertain, with case numbers rising again and a significant rate of vaccine refusals, whereas in the UK, so far so good....
  14. Yes, I did it in 2019. Mine was a round trip but with six weeks in the states between voyages. The crossing is tough on most dogs and I really wouldn’t recommend taking a dog over and back on back-to-back crossings, which wouldn’t be fair. The kennels sell out very quickly (2022 has, I believe, been all sold out for some time), although it is possible to go on a waitlist and, in previous years at least, last minute spaces from cancellations were quite common. If you know the cruisemaven website, there are a couple of articles about taking dogs on the QM2 with a lot of good advic
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