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  1. It's a broad statement that covers everything from disagreeing with something to full out arguing about it. I guess it then lends itself to breakup of friendships and the like in a more extreme way!
  2. I personally don't see why you have an issue with the term I used to describe young people, young families and their children and anyone who feels like they may or may not belong to that 'tag line' They're known for their 'social liberalism' and in particular being harmonious with a very 'free to do as we please' look at life. Personally I admire that trait and again I see it as a plus, and have noticed the effects of this alter the day to day life on board ship over the last few years too! I don't have an issue with it, maybe it's an age thing on my part - maybe it's not! or maybe I wish I belonged in that 'group' If you really want a good read - go read the thread I started about metal drinking straws in the 'cruise question' section - that makes very interesting reading as people try to ram down peoples throats their respective opinions on the subject of plastic! Opinions are like a certain piece of the anatomy - we all have one!
  3. This is the reason why for some, standards have slipped! This is the reason why teens and younger kids are seen in the Solariums! This is the reason why loungers get reserved (although they sometimes remedy that!) This is the reason why people aren't met at the door of the restaurants and asked to use hand cleanser (whether it works or not!) This is the reason why people fall out ALL THE TIME on here! The REASON why all this is happening is because the cruise lines are changing! They're after as much money as possible and in my opinion they're actively targeting millennials (who for 'some', rules aren't as important as others) when as opposed to lets say the more 'traditional' passengers! I used to love coming on here and researching my next cruise or catching up with what's new, but all the time, I read more and more threads that end up with people falling out! Life on board ship is so much fun, people are so happy - why can't we all be like that on here too? Happy Cruising EVERYONE!
  4. - and us too! We always have a pre night hotel stay in the Airport before we fly and this is part of our trip, but alas, like others say, I'm not 100% settled till I have ALL our bags in the pre cruise hotel!
  5. No idea! But you might want to tell your friend that as my initial post states, I've been using metal 'reusable' straws (and for that matter insulated metal drinks bottles too) for quite a while now! Said metal straws also work very well with the type of milkshakes you mention too!
  6. Yup .. definitely heard of a spoon! Apparently they go nicely with a knife and fork at the dinner table! and I don't know anyone who consumes a drink with any of them either!
  7. This is us to a tee! Made a big mistake on my 1st ever cruise - I live my life on an alarm clock and due to my job my day is pretty much planned out for me with time being a major factor! I'd booked my 1st cruise well in advance (18mths iirc) and looked forward to it more and more every day, then at the end, having done several excursions, booked plenty of activities etc I realised that |I'd effectively let my alarm clock rule my cruise too! That was the last time, I now don't judge anyone for doing what they want to do, I hardly plan anything anymore and take each n every day as it comes and that includes meals - let's face it, you'll never miss out on eating and you certainly will never go hungry ha ha ha We 'plan' what to do on port days, but they're hardly set in concrete and never feel pressured anymore to get off the ship - let's face it, that can be a blessing sometimes when you have the ship to yourself! Happy Cruising
  8. I defy anyone to attempt to consume a frozen drink (mudslide for instance) without using a straw and not looking like a dribbling child in the process!
  9. I must admit to hoarding bottles of water throughout the cruise - i do so wish they'd give people on drinks packages the huge big bottles they use when getting water packages (we drink sparkling water mostly) as opposed to the tiny 500ml ones currently! I use a metal insulated drinks bottle for most other things, especially on port days and around the pool
  10. That's our first 'port of call' when boarding an Oasis Class! - great for people watching or waiting for friends!
  11. Try - rcldining@rccl.com - they may be able to help if you have a specific reason, anniversary/special occasion etc?
  12. I'm a sucker for the escargot in the MDR! - has anyone spotted it in the WJ for dinner as I'd most certainly give it a go if so?
  13. I think there's no other option even with a group as big! Saying that, if you've got a good skilled bartender then he/she may have a system to make re-ordering as simple as possible!
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