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  1. We did a Segway tour and got to see the residential part of Fort Lauderdale and hear some interesting stories about the city. We like touring on foot but prefer Segway if we are short in time. We only had one full day in Fort Lauderdale before a cruise. Segway tour is pricey but we enjoyed each time (Paris, Barcelona and Fort Lauderdale). https://www.segwayfortlauderdale.com/specials/ We booked the special with the hoagie but it’s too far from where we stayed. So the tour company gave us a $10 discount per person. The guide was energetic, humorous and knowledgeable. We had a
  2. When I make payment to my TA online, I can see the option to use a Disney gift card. I have also read people’s experiences paying off their cruises using the Disney gift cards. I assume it can be done. I am considering making some interim payments to my TA using a Canadian Disney gift card. I need to figure out the currency conversion situation as I am paying in US but my balance is in CAD.
  3. I will be sailing in August. Glad to hear about a new lounge on the Magic!
  4. Check the port excursions on the DCL website to see the prices and types of excursions offered by each sailing. See which you find more interesting to you and your family to help you determine which cruise to pick. I prefer more port days. It really depends on what your heart desires. Either way, you will have a magical time!
  5. When you check in, you will be given a paper copy of the personal navigator which lists the locations on the ship where you can change dining arrangements, book Palo/Remy and tasting classes, etc. Go there and try your luck. Also, check often before sailing, sometimes people cancel last minute. Pixie dust!
  6. I was in an elevator with the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland when I was 7 in 2004 on my way to the kids club. Probably more unusual characters visit the kids club.
  7. I would suggest RCCL too. It’s too bad that they ended their partnership with Dreamworks!
  8. We went on the butterfly conservatory with aquarium excursion via our ship and had a fun time. It’s great for the whole family.
  9. Has anyone tried any Europe Travel SIM card?
  10. The only benefits to have a shorter cruise before your longer one is to re-shop the longer cruise with on-board booking perks and getting familiar with the Disney cruise routine. We usually cruise every other year to take advantage of the On-board Booking Benefits (OBB). However, we went to Japan this summer instead and our OBB expired this August. So we went on a short 4-night cruise this January with one that had the lowest price during the winter school break. It’s extra money out to make an extra trip but we had a wonderful time. We love cruising with Disney! And we are booked for a Northe
  11. We always book on opening day for the best deal. For our Alaska cruise in 2015, it was about $4800 for 2 people in a verandah room on opening day. 3 months before we sailed, same category room was about $6700 for 2. Don’t think you can get a 30% discount on that price. The cruise was sold out at the end. For the more popular itineraries in peak seasons, book as early as possible.
  12. I just hope that with the new ships, DCL would expand its ports of call. I want to see more of the world with my most favourite cruise line. Would definitely be disappointed if it’s mostly the Caribbean again!
  13. You can arrange to rent formal clothing onboard. I am not sure about renting party costumes onboard, but the shops have pirate costumes for sale for sure.
  14. We don’t go to casinos and love Disney. I went on my first Disney cruise at 7 and have been cruising with Disney every other year taking advantage of the OBB perks since 2011. I was thrilled to go to Palo when I was 18 and really enjoy cruising with Disney as an adult. I am not into rock climbing or dancing or drinking, but I still love meeting with Disney characters. I am glad that I am just like my mom who’s an even bigger Disney fan than I am. She prefers cruising with Disney too and enjoy the wine and liquor tastings on-board. She is a teacher and can only cruise in peak seasons. The price
  15. This makes sense! Can’t wait to meet with Captain Minnie! Is she on all 4 ships for meet and greet now?
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