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  1. We were booked on the Sunshine out of Charleston on February 1st and our final payment was due today. I was really stressing over to make the final payment knowing I would be offered OBC if it cancelled or if I should just move my already paid amount to a different cruise and forfeit the OBC. This timed out very very nicely for me.
  2. We parked there in September. You pull in and the first thing they have you do is pay. You then proceed to a station where you drop off your luggage. After dealing with your luggage they then move you to the area where you can park. They have shuttle buses that then take you and your carry on bags to the terminal. I am not able to answer about the 11:00 question.
  3. Actually my wife just reminded me of a couple that we talked to on the bus. She wore a Buckeyes shirt and carried an Indians bag and I talked to her a bit about baseball (I'm a Reds fan). I bet that was them.
  4. She must have been on her best behavior because I didn't notice anyone complaining about much. One woman did lose her husband and she wasn't too thrilled about that.
  5. Our car was in the open parking lot at the port and all seemed find but within a few minutes of driving I noticed my shoes were squeaking on the floor mat. I pulled over and the driver seat floorboard carpeting was wet. Not soaking wet but damp. the passenger side and back seat floorboards were completely dry. I opened the engine compartment and all seemed fine and the car made it through the ten hour drive without a problem. So strange that it was just the one floorboard that had any moisture. Yes, we were on that excursion. My wife was the one with the rolling walker.
  6. We parked at the port and we drove through some deep water entering the parking lot that had accumulated from a rain storm. I cannot imagine how much will be there when Dorian comes through. I called my insurance company and I am covered for storm or flood damage. I am really concerned that I will come back to flood damage which would make it very risky to drive ten hours home. Oh boy...
  7. We are on as well after a very trying ordeal to get here. We had hotel reservations in Orangeburg which is about 60-70 miles north of Charleston. We would have a quick hour drive into town and easily make it to the ship, right? Well they closed I-26 at 5 AM so we had to travel on back roads all the way into town. With the highway shut down everybody else had the same idea so it was bumper to bumper all of the way in. Took us 2 1/2 hours. Processing went very smoothly once we got here. Whew!
  8. You too. If you see a guy with a Dayton Flyers lanyard and he is with a woman with a New Kids on the Block lanyard come up and say hi!
  9. All of this time we have been wondering if we would be able to get out of Charleston. With the latest forecast I am now starting to wonder if we will be able to get back in on the morning of the 8th. If Dorian stays off of the coast of Florida as some are predicting: Charleston appears to be almost a direct hit Thursday morning. Will we be able to get back in and what shape will the port and the city be in when we do get in? This has been the craziest week watching all of the twists and turns. Seems like just yesterday it was thought that the Hispaniola mountains would tear Dori
  10. This was part of the Carnival 6:00 update: Carnival Sunshine 09/02/19 – No change to itinerary, we plan to operate as scheduled. Really surprising that they think we will be able to visit any part of the Bahamas on Wednesday and Thursday.
  11. I sure hope the mood on the boat isn't too bad. I hope everyone is having as much fun as they can within the circumstances.
  12. Oh no, so sorry to hear that. I wonder what they will offer you for compensation. I am on the Sunshine on Monday but I really wonder where they will be sending us. I can't imagine that we will be able to go south as planned.
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