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  1. What make the most BUSINESS sense? If I'm Carnival, Waiting till July or September and filing Chapter 11. Keep all the money that cruisers have put on their vacation. Streamline the company and come back leaner. It will piss of 100-200 thousand people, but they will eventually forget. They'll have to, their money is gone.
  2. SO QUESTION. If I cancel my 9/12 cruise right now, I have $800 FCC tied up in that cruise.....WILL I GET IT BACK as cash refund for total cancellation???? I realize I lose $190 deposit.
  3. Agreed. It makes business sense. Carnival will be back but to seek protection allows them to keep all your money thats tied up. They will worry about public relations at a later date.
  4. Imagine a world where the Lido deck is you being served by people. Then imagine how long those service lines will be. That will start to ruin the fun of grabbing a quick lunch then laying out. Then imagine in 2020, the guy or woman next to you coughs or looks like hell. (It happens every cruise) Will you start to wonder? IF my Panorama September cruise is cancelled, I will take a cash refund. I will not tie up any more money in Carnival if this September's cruise is cancelled, because I will be very worried that Carnival will be seeking protection from its creditors and my money will disappear. Don't get me wrong, Carnival will be back, buy declaring Chapter 11 allows them to keep all your money will they reorganize to start back up. I believe this is very plausible. I worked for a corporation of 14,000 people and lost severance and pension for the exact same reason. The company is going fine today.....I lost 10's of thousands of dollars. So my final answer is that I will take my 18th cruise someday, not sure if it will be in 2020 and it will be with caution.
  5. I see Carnival seeking protection from its creditors. If my September cruise cancels, which, is likely, I'll take at total refund so I don't lose $1400+
  6. I wouldn't book a thing until the ships are sailing again. The risk of Bankruptsy is high and poof, your money disappears.
  7. While I'm glad they are finally taking a NCL approach to alcohol pricing and packages, it funny how much more the FREE DRINKS room costs and, like NCL, the kicker will be when you book. You'll see an additional $250-$300 in Gratuities pop up which will make the room cost almost par with the bubbles package.
  8. I love sailing and will continue to do so. Booked Panorama 9/12. But when the government gives the all clear to travel, how ALL CLEAR will it be? I think the cruise industry is in for a rude awakening. SOME of my friends and family think I'm nuts to ever get on a ship again that carries 5000 people on it. You know.....they may be right. But as Bon Jovi says "It's my life Life and its now or never, I ain't gonna live forever" Discussion?
  9. You cannot lose that money. You have FCC, money out of your pocket, for a cruise that never happened. They owe it to you in some way. More FCC or cash back.
  10. I pray this is way overblown. If it peaks in May, then America will be in financial ruins. For those somehow not affected, cruises will be cheap, the masses will be trying to put food on their tables.
  11. Got to an agent after 40 minute wait. I'm cancelled
  12. Thank you. Phone computer says FCC will be credited to you, just wanted to see if anyone has had success with that?
  13. I'm being told by Carnival phone woman, no need to wait for operator, cancel on line and FCC will be credited. Anyone had success with this before I dive in???
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