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  1. You have a better chance of seeing a Martian in December than cruising! Hope by April, if you really insist on sailing on a petri dish.
  2. I can't imagine cruising until 2022 at the earliest. Its a really, really big petri dish. No interest.
  3. CANCEL and get YOUR money back. If you cruise or better yet, if they allow cruising in 2021 you would be rather daring to go. Put your money back in your pocket and cruise someday down the road when its safe to go again.
  4. AFTER cruising resumes, wait 6 months. If they sound acceptable. Book a cruise.
  5. Quickly get your deposits in right now. Donald is saying, please help, we are effing broke!
  6. If you book the Celebration in October, prepare for the pain that will be set upon you (see Mardi Gras). Wait awhile. Breathe.
  7. Do these men and women qualify for unemployment or are they subject to Panama's rules? The cruise industry is going to lose a lot of talent regardless.
  8. Their employees deserve interest free loans. They are the ones that have given you the best cruising days of your life. Not Carnival, RCC, NCL. They are pleading for corporate welfare. Look at the salaries of the board. They are looking for the golden parachute when these ships sink.
  9. I would get all my money back and wait a couple of years. Cruising is going to suck for awhile after it starts up in late 2021.
  10. They need cash flow so bad you will continue to hear for the next 9 months how cruising is going to start NEXT month! Book yours today!
  11. I worked at Hostess. Been there, done that. Brace for Carnival doing it soon. All deposits will be gone.
  12. Take your money and run. Its going to be a very long time before cruising resumes and bankruptcy is looming.
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