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  1. It is. Just have to click on the link for “more info”
  2. I called them this morning. The person I spoke to said it was a refund with the 10% coupon. There is no other option.
  3. I just called and confirmed. It's not. Refund only. BUMMER!
  4. EDIT: I called and confirmed that it is a refund only with the 10% coupon. No FCC available. If your trip was paid in full, it looks like we may be able to get a 125% FCC. This is in their FAQ under the announcement: FULL CASH BOOKING: If an affected booking has a full cash (credit card or check) payment, they will have the choice to either retain the 125% value FCC, or they can submit for a cash refund when the web form goes live. FULL SUSPENDED SAILING FCC BOOKING: If an affected booking has a payment with a previously issued suspended sailing FCC, they will not
  5. It's sad, but thank God. It takes all of the anxiety away. It's a bummer that they aren't offering the 125% FCC, though. It's understandable. I'm slightly skeptical about the speed of the refunds too.
  6. As bad as it sounds... good that makes me feel better.
  7. Thanks! That's the way I was leaning but since it was getting a little close i was starting to have my worries.
  8. Hi all! I have a trip on the Epic coming up on Nov 1st. Do you think i should cancel now or hold out for NCL to cancel and hopefully get the 125% FCC? Thanks,
  9. They said they would tell us at the end of the month. Here we are again, the end of the month has come and gone with no update. I understand that they don’t want to do something prematurely but they should give people at least 30 days notice so nobody is left scrambling.
  10. My wife and I are getting close to canceling our Med. cruise on Nov. 1st. I gave us the deadline of 10/1 to see what the news is, if any. As Americans, I don’t see anyway we could actually get on it. Also I’m not sure we would settle for an Italy only cruise. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see ANY of Europe, but as it would be our first trip there I don’t think we would be satisfied with that major of a change. I was told, by my wife, that we’re going to go to UNICO 2087 in Rivera Maya instead, assuming we cancel. No objections here. Not a bad backup plan if you ask me!
  11. We're scheduled for the Epic on 11/1 out of Barcelona. I don't see it happening especially since we're Americans. I would greatly appreciate some info from NCL as it's getting pretty close.
  12. Yes. A 100% refund was issued directly from NCL. We booked directly with them, not through a travel agent.
  13. We didn’t receive anything other than a full refund. No credits or discounts for future cruises. In my eyes it was a bit pathetic.
  14. This is the sticking point for me. Luckily I was stalking the CC boards all day saturday and happened to see posts that the 9/1 sailing was cancelled. THAT prompted me to contact NCL and confirm that it was cancelled and prevented my wife and I from getting on a plane while at the gate. That prevented us from wasting hundreds of dollars for a pointless flight and even more for an emergency flight back. Thank god for Southwest's awesome service. Luckily they gave us a credit for our tickets and even sent our bags back to us on the next flight. NCL's sloth like communication caused hundreds/ tho
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