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  1. Yes. A 100% refund was issued directly from NCL. We booked directly with them, not through a travel agent.
  2. We didn’t receive anything other than a full refund. No credits or discounts for future cruises. In my eyes it was a bit pathetic.
  3. This is the sticking point for me. Luckily I was stalking the CC boards all day saturday and happened to see posts that the 9/1 sailing was cancelled. THAT prompted me to contact NCL and confirm that it was cancelled and prevented my wife and I from getting on a plane while at the gate. That prevented us from wasting hundreds of dollars for a pointless flight and even more for an emergency flight back. Thank god for Southwest's awesome service. Luckily they gave us a credit for our tickets and even sent our bags back to us on the next flight. NCL's sloth like communication caused hundreds/ thousands of people to potentially put their lives at risk and stranding them in a location that could get hit with one of the strongest storms EVER.
  4. The first time was about 20 minutes. Second was 15 or so. I dialed the 800 number in the cancellation email from last night.
  5. They have it straightened out for now at least. Fingers crossed!
  6. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOUR REFUND INVOICE!!! We just received ours and it was showing up $604 lighter. On the phone with them again... "the system automatically applied penalties for the cancellation" now we're on hold again waiting on them to figure out how to get this corrected...
  7. Give them a call and cancel this trip asap. You'll get your refund.
  8. GG, did you get their email from midnight or so? They are offering full refunds IF you contact and cancel by 9pm tonight. I'm in 100% agreeance with you. They strung everyone along until the last possible moment. This 100% their fault because the coast guard set condition YANKEE at 12pm yesterday and we were notified at 4pm, a full hour after they said we would be, that the trip was still on. They KNEW that the ship wouldn't have even arrived before all ships had to be out of the port. My wife and I were being lined up at the gate when we found out via the CC boards and a call to ncl that it was canceled and luckily we didn't fly. I feel for ya, man. I told my wife that I don't really have much of a desire to cruise with ncl unless they make this right and give the full refund and a credit to another trip. That may be the only way to get me back at least.
  9. 50% refund and 20% future cruise credit IF sailing on the modified itinerary plus a $300 voucher for flight change costs. Or 100% refund if you cancel by 9pm tonight. I guess it's fair, but I feel that they should offer a credit to anyone who cancels as well for the lack of communication. If I'm honest, I will probably end up rebooking another cruise for November/ December hopefully, but I would be lying to say I'm leaning towards NCL. Even though the cause of this isn't their fault, the lack of TIMELY communication is absolutely awful and has turned me off to NCL in general. I'm almost happy that this was canceled. I was having a hard time getting excited about the trip even while I was waiting for my flight. Ah, well anyway, I hope our luggage had a good time in Florida. I'll ask them about it when I pick them up from the airport today.
  10. I was able to get in touch with ncl 3 steps before boarding our flight in Baltomore. The Breakaway is cancelled per customer service person at ncl.
  11. I can confirm that it is cancelled. We were literally 3 steps from boarding our plane from baltimore before I was able to get ahold of ncl and confirm... now our bags are having a vacation in Ft. Lauderdale...
  12. I think NCL's clocks must be broken. Still no 3pm update...
  13. Any chance the Breakaway changes its plans of staying in Cozumel due to the storms slow down?
  14. Based on the newest info, what are the chances of the Breakaway arriving and leaving on time on Sunday, if at all? The wife and I will be on our already delayed honeymoon, flying in from Baltimore to Ft Lauderdale on Saturday afternoon. Of course we didn't purchase the insurance... ugh. Let's just say I haven't been getting much work done around the office the past 2 days...
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