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  1. I'm enjoying your posts too. I appreciate the fresh perspective. I love your mention of the promenade deck - that's such an important (and vanishing) feature on a ship for me. And your preference for the Palm Court is really interesting. I will definitely check that out. Please keep posting and sharing your impressions. Bill
  2. I would love in-house ice cream on Crystal! You can buy Ben & Jerry's in any supermarket.
  3. Hi Keith - I'm avidly following your posts here and on your blog. The pictures of the interior of Prego on your blog are beautiful. My first cruise on Serenity is next May and I can't wait to dine in that lovely space. Since you either know everything about Crystal or are an excellent sleuth at finding the answers, I want to ask two perhaps esoteric questions: 1. I know you sometimes enjoy gin cocktails in the bars. Does Crystal make a proper Gibson (with the cocktail onions)? 2. I don't recall you ever spending time in the casino, but can you tell me if the roulette table has a single zero, double zero, or (heaven forbid) a triple zero wheel? Thank you, Keith. I live vicariously through you and other live posters! Bill
  4. Maybe this will work: https://www.wsj.com/articles/cruises-are-back-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-safety-before-you-climb-aboard-11631290608?st=o67bomg63thunfj&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink
  5. I think it sounds wonderful. Just me and the crew!
  6. Hi Keith, Please add these to the 2022 Symphony listing: November 16 - Rome to Athens - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) November 29 - Athens to Abu Dhabi - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Thank you.
  7. Thank you Vince and Nancy (and everyone who commented). The information has been so helpful. I continue to be impressed with the people who comment on the Crystal forum. It makes me feel that I'll be welcome on board. My TA booked 7125 (7123 was not available). Vince, this meets your criteria of being several cabins away from the rear doors! Yet, I'll have easy access to the promenade deck and the beautiful exterior stairs I've seen in photos. At 30 nights, this will be my longest cruise. Happy sailing to all. Bill
  8. Vince - As one super picky person to another, thank you for the additional information. The search function is working again and I found some older posts on the subject. As I recall, you also commented on preferring the purple color scheme on Deck 7 to the teal on Deck 8. Hahaha - sounds just like me! Things like location, view, decor, and noise make a big difference. I would normally go with saving some money on an acceptable but slightly obstructed view, but this time I'm still leaning toward a C1 like 7123. I'll let my travel agent know today. Appreciate everyone's comments. Bill
  9. Thank you, Julia! Much appreciated. Bill
  10. Thank you for the picture and comments. Very helpful.
  11. Thank you Vince! The information about noise from the public spaces below is very helpful. And your point about avoiding cabins next to exterior doors makes sense.
  12. Thank you Flyingshoes. I'll look at E1 cabins. My thoughts were on a lengthy cruise it would be nice to have unobstructed views, but if they're just a little obstructed, that could be fine.
  13. The search function on Cruise Critic is not working well, so I would like to ask for your thoughts on Symphony C1 cabins on the Promenade Deck. I’m in the process of booking a 30 night B2B Rome to Abu Dhabi cruise embarking 11/16/22. Most cabins in this category are available. I’d greatly appreciate your help with a few questions: There are some C1’s forward. Is noise from the Galaxy lounge and casino below an issue? There are lots of C1’s aft (7102-7129). Some are over the Avenue Saloon - best to avoid? Any issues with the other C1 aft cabins? This is a Med/Middle East cruise. I’m thinking that the seas will be fairly calm. I like the idea of cabin 7129 because it’s near the door to the Promenade deck and it only shares one wall with a neighbor. I’m over-thinking this as usual, but does port or starboard make a difference on this itinerary? I prefer starboard. Thank you all so much. I’ve learned so much on this board. I sincerely appreciate your advice. Bill
  14. Thanks for the picture, Keith. I use Caudalie shower gel at home. I believe it's the same scent - Fleur de Vigne. IMO it's a nice, light, "green" scent. And it's mild. Enjoying your posts! Continue to have a wonderful voyage. Bill
  15. Anne/Jayayeff - I’ve always appreciated your comments on this forum. Please don’t stop offering your opinions and expertise. Your insights about Crystal and the UAE and Middle East have been very helpful. I was booked on a Fall 2021 Symphony cruise ending in Abu Dhabi, but sadly that cruise was canceled. I planned to ask you a few questions about spending time post-cruise in the UAE. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do so in the future?? Best wishes. Bill
  16. Terrific posts and pictures! Thank you for taking the time to share your cruise experience. Do you have plans for future Crystal cruises? Bill
  17. The graceful Crystal Serenity slips past the Royal Caribbean ship. Bon voyage to you all!
  18. I was just in Las Vegas. Here is the Resorts World building as seen from my window at the Palazzo/Venetian. As Vince stated, the Wynn/Encore is near, as well as the Trump Hotel and Fashion Show Mall. I like this part of the strip.
  19. Hi Keith - I made a change to my May 2022 Serenity booking. I canceled the Alaska portion and added Hawaii. Can you please change my listing to the following: May 29 (OCY220529-25) Los Angeles to Vancouver - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Many thanks! Bill
  20. Thank you! That's good news. I'm sorry these wonderful cruises won't sail, but think Crystal has made a wise and business-savvy decision.
  21. I haven't received notice of cancellation yet for Sep and Oct 2021 Symphony cruises, but expect it will be sent soon. I paid (pre-COVID) deposits on these cruises, but have not paid in full. The above notice seems to state that deposits do not receive the 115% treatment. Is that correct?
  22. I'm interested in this too. I have September and October Med/Middle East cruises booked on Symphony. At this point, my uneducated guess is that they'll be canceled. Bill
  23. Hi Pcardad - I enjoy reading your informative posts. To answer your question, I didn't request a TA. I have a TA. I hit the "Request Pricing" button and filled out the form. I prefer to do the research myself (including cruise line prices) and then contact my agent. Crystal and Seabourn make it easy to determine pricing for solo travelers. I wish Regent did the same.
  24. I agree with you. I just wanted to know the price of the cruise (with the single supplement). I could not tell what the actual price was from the Regent website. If Regent had provided me with the price (instead of transferring me to one of their partner travel agencies), I would have contacted my travel agent to see what perks she could provide.
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