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  1. Oh, of course, you said October in your post! Sorry not to meet you all onboard. Perhaps these embark/disembark times are the French way
  2. I'm booked on this cruise too. I was attracted by the no single supplement as well. Did you happen to notice that embarkation on 9/9/20 is listed as 3PM and disembarkation on 9/13/20 is 2PM? The disembark time especially will mean later flights out of San Diego. On the other hand, it means a leisurely morning and lunch onboard!
  3. Thank you Gary! I appreciate your review and I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise. The price of these ocean voyages is really a bargain which makes trying Ponant such a good deal before committing to a longer and more expensive cruise. You confirmed what I suspected about some reductions in service and, perhaps, food quality. Still, an all-inclusive cruise on a small ship with a balcony cabin and those relaxing sea days sounds wonderful. I'm trying Ponant, Oceania and Crystal over the next couple years. It will be fun to compare. Enjoy the Iceland cruise!
  4. Thanks for the photo! This is a Retreat Cabana (not a Lido Cabana), is that correct? I reserved a Retreat Cabana on an upcoming Oosterdam cruise. Can you tell me if the area is generally quiet? I know there are a couple of "family cabanas" and wonder if those can be noisy. Your impressions would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Gary: Not to sidetrack this discussion, but were you on a Ponant "Ocean Voyage", i.e., one with no port stops just sea days? I'm trying Ponant next year on a Pacific Coast ocean voyage and would be very interested in your impressions of the cruise. Please write a review if you have time. Thanks. Bill
  6. On the Eurodam last month, Mass was at 5pm each day (sea days and port days). I agree with RuthC. I'm more likely to attend at 5pm rather than 8am. And as noted above, I appreciate that HAL continues to offer this "perk."
  7. This is the type of cabin I booked for my first Crystal cruise. They look and sound super. Thanks for the information and photos.
  8. Another option might be to rent a Retreat Cabana. The cabanas are directly above your present cabin. Take a look at the Oosterdam deck plans. Just take a quick walk up the stairs and you have a large "balcony" with food and beverage service. Full disclosure: I haven't experienced one yet, but I'm on the same ship in December and rented one. There are many positive comments about the cabanas on this site. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  9. Thank you pinotlover for the information. I guess "House Select" really does mean the House will Select what, when and how much you can drink! I think it makes more sense for me to buy by the glass. In any event, I'm looking forward to trying Oceania. Bill
  10. First time Oceania cruiser here: I understand the House Select package ($40/day) is wine/beer at lunch and dinner. Can anyone tell me how this package actually works? Is this good at any dining venue at lunch and dinner (GDR, Terraces, specialty, Waves)? Are there time restrictions (e.g., 12-2pm for lunch)? If I'm in the GDR for dinner, for instance, I might order a glass of wine with the appetizer and salad. Then order another glass with the entree. Can I then order another glass and if I don't finish it, take it out of the restaurant? FYI: I booked without O-Life. The price difference was more than the House Select cost for this 16 day cruise, so it wasn't worth it. But I might buy the package if it makes financial sense. Many thanks!!!
  11. I agree with you about about the Dive In. Delicious food and friendly service. The Pinnacle Grill was ho-hum. I was with family and we enjoyed Tamarind - lots of courses to share and excellent service. BTW - I read many reviews (including yours) about the cabanas, so reserved one for my upcoming Mexico cruise on Oosterdam. Thx!
  12. I'm sorry you were laid low by the rough seas and missed the Gala Night. My cabin was down on the Main Deck which probably helped. So glad you enjoyed the remainder of your cruise. On the third day when the seas calmed and the sun came out, there were a lot of smiling faces. The promenade deck was filled with people finally able to get outside and enjoy the sun. Did you enjoy the food on the ship? I thought it was variable - some very good, some not so good across the various restaurants on board.
  13. Sorry, I didn't see that the previous link was closed. Hi Kazu, Can you please add these B2B cruises? My first B2B and longest cruise. Many thanks! 12/07/19 Oosterdam 7 days Mexican Riviera 12/14/19 Oosterdam 7 days Mexican Riviera
  14. Hi Kazu, Can you please add these B2B cruises? My first B2B and longest cruise. Many thanks! 12/07/19 Oosterdam 7 days Mexican Riviera 12/14/19 Oosterdam 7 days Mexican Riviera
  15. Thank you Ricka47 for the review! I was hoping you would post something about your trip. I will be on the Insignia (first Oceania cruise) next year for a 16 day Panama Canal cruise. I'm so glad you enjoyed the food and the overall atmosphere of the ship. Can you tell me if there was any classical music on board (HAL does this well IMO) and also worthwhile enrichment programs? You booked another cruise so that's the best recommendation! Bill
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