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  1. It totally does, all airlines have dropped change over fees. And you just have to pay for price difference. I had to pay 179 per ticket for example.
  2. They're giving us 300 dollars for each person to compensate for change over fees and price difference.
  3. Funny you ask... we literally just got an announcement that we will be landing at Port in New Orleans on Tuesday morning
  4. Sun bathing at Chankanaab, Cozumel Mexico! I ain't complaining as of yet. Maybe if NCL Sun is still in Cozumel on Thursday? Lol
  5. We're on the SUN currently.. our updated itinerary has us returning on 3rd tue or 4th Wednesday.. So your cruise is definitely going to be delayed or canceled.
  6. Breaking News from NCL Sun lol! We've been just told we will have an overnight in Cozumel. (Everyone on the ship started clapping.) Our cruise has been extended for at least 1 day for now. Any suggestions for things to do after 4 in Cozumel?
  7. If you're on Ncl expect them to take you to Cozumel like we're about to on NCL Sun.
  8. Updated BREAKING NEWS ! Lol NCL Sun 29th depart 30th at sea 31st Cozumel 1st At Sea 2nd/3rd back to PC
  9. BREAKING NEWS ! Lol They've just told us on NCL Sun we will going to Cozumel Mexico tomorrow instead of our scheduled Nassau! Followed by a Sea Day. The way I see it... good news they're playing it safe.
  10. NCL Sun is ready to board from PC, we haven't been told about any Itinerary changes as of yet.
  11. We're at a hotel on the Port Canaveral, they seem to be already preparing for the hurricane. They're putting up metal scaffolding across their windows. We will be out of here in 2 hours onto Ncl sun. Fingers crossed everything will be alright on this trip.
  12. P.S someone should change the topic from Atlantic storm to Hurricane Dorian lol
  13. I hope so... I guess its better to be a on a cruise that can move out of the way of the storm rather than staying here in port Canaveral where a storm is imminent. Keep telling the wife the cruise ship can move out of the path but Florida or another island can't.
  14. Good Morning Everyone! Looks like we're getting on the Sun at Noon today and leave Florida before the incoming storm 😕 Hopefully they have a island or 2 to take us to where it's nice and sunny. Before we come to hurricane ravaged Florida on Monday maybe....
  15. Has no information for NCL 😞 has no information for any 4 day Bahama cruises leaving tomorrow for NCL or RCCL.
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