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  1. In case this helps anyone, at first it seemed like we'd lose out entirely on the flight because we booked Alaska's Saver Fare (zero refunds or changes!). When I logged in, it didn't allow me to cancel, and we were outside of their window for "free" changes due to the hurricane. However, we called, and they were great about allowing us to use the funds for a future flight. Same with the hotel, booked on hotels.com with zero cancellations. However, they were happy to issue a refund when we called. So anyone in a similar situation, do try calling! RC is allowing all affected to utilize the $ towa
  2. This ended up helping a lot. I read this to my husband along with some texts from friends in the area, and he said "that doesn't sound like a vacation", and I agreed. We just called it after a whole day of agonizing! We're cancelling and just booked train tickets from Seattle down to San Diego! Happy that we'll still have some sun and ocean time 🙂 Looking forward to my first cruise sometime in the next year w/ RCI. Good luck, everyone!
  3. Hello, friends, and thank you for all the great info that has been shared over the last week! We're still debating if we should board our plane tomorrow morning from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale. We're on the RCI Empress sailing (originally 9/1), and are worried about whether we'll end up stranded in Miami with the Wednesday sailing cancelled. We have alternate vacation plans (we'll have a grand rail adventure instead and Amtrak all the way down to San Diego!), but our preference is 100% still the cruise (my first!), even if it's cut down to just 4 days. Is it crazy for us to head directly into t
  4. Thanks for your thoughts! We bought the super saver fare from Alaska, and they’re not allowing “free” changes unless you’re scheduled for 9/1 or 9/2, and ours is on 8/31. We’re not sure what we’re going to do yet, but will keep monitoring the developments!
  5. Ugh, this is disappointing news for 9/1 Empress! Does anyone know if RCI will pay for the extra nights of hotel in Miami? If our flight isn’t canceled, we’re arriving Saturday evening from Seattle and have just that night of hotel booked. We can’t change the flight/ hotel either because we’re cheapos who settled for the lowest $ non-refundable options! 🤣
  6. We’re supposed to be getting on Empress 9/1 and no news yet! Doesn’t seem promising 😩
  7. Yes, please don't! I've been lurking for quite a few days (and have been refreshing this thread non-stop!) since I'm scheduled for the 9/1 RCI Empress departure from Miami. As a first time cruiser (hopefully), all of these questions and answers have been SO HELPFUL. Thank you for asking questions!
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