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  1. Going on Anthem in November. Anyone stay in one of these rooms or nearby that can answer this question please? Room 9233/10233/11233 are all in a little hallway behind stairs with an empty space next to them on the left (as per deckplans). Just wondering if anyone knows what that unlabeled space is used for? Even my RC phone consultant couldn't answer it. Just want to make sure it's not a service area for maintenance, or anything else that could be noisy to be next to. Thank you in advance. Also, anyone know the difference with category 2U and 4U. Everything looks the same and again, the RC consultant didn't know what the difference was. Thanks.
  2. Thanks....I think we will just take the shuttle.
  3. We will be in Bermuda next month but this time just for the day (Sunday 8am-5pm). Been there before and looking forward to going back to Horseshoe Bay Beach. It seems that 1st #7 bus from dockyard on a Sunday is at 10:50am? That seems so late and by the time we get there and get settled, it will be almost noon. Then we have to be back at ship by 4 or so. Doesn't leave us much time to enjoy the beach. Because it's a Sunday, is the bus not a practical option for us? (We have 14 zone tickets left over and still good to use from our last trip to Bermuda) Thanks for any help/suggestions.
  4. We are sailing on the Conquest in 3 days. Any help with these questions would be appreciated. 1) Does anyone know if there is a specific dining room used for YTD? 2) Does anyone know if there is a way to go online to just check in for a flight home from the ship without purchasing a plan for the whole day? 3) Does anyone know recent movies being shown on the Lido deck? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi, During my searching for info on the Anthem (cruise websites, RC website, etc) I know I came across something that said there was NO Formal nights on Anthem. But here on Cruisecritic, I am reading that there is. I'm confused.
  6. Thank you all for your input and suggestions. I am so looking forward to this cruise, our 3rd on RC but 1st on a ship this size. And thank you so much for the link to the Compass. :)
  7. We will be on Anthem in October and have made reservations for the 3 main shows: We Will Rock You; Spectra; and The Gift. What other entertainment does this ship have for evenings that are not reserved for those 3 shows? Music? Other shows? Comedy? Etc? Thank you.
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