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  1. We had ATD 5:30-9:30 I believe it was. Only reservations we made were for our dinners in the DR. Loved the App for that also. Go to your Dining on the APP, hit "make reservation" and within 5 mins or so, we would get a reply with a table #. Then you show them that at the DR and you were seated. No waiting in lines. Loved it. ATD is on 3 & 4 in the Aft and if you have a early or late seating you will be in the DR in the middle. *Remember Deck 3 is one where you CANNOT walk through from Mid-Aft. We didn't book excursions before sailing bc we weren't sure what we wanted to do or how I'd feel (I have a bad knee). Decided to just go to Eagle Beach in Aruba and did reserve the Beach Express excursion through Carnival App. It was only $19.99pp round trip where a taxi was going to be $15 each way (so for the x$5pp we felt better going with Carnival). Other ports we just walked around port and shopped.
  2. Sorrry I don't remember bc I didn't attend. But remember, with the APP on your phone you will at least know the whole weeks schedule and menus on the 1st day which I really liked.
  3. I was originally not happy that they stopped printing the Fun Times and DR menu (unless asked for) But I was also surprised at how easy and convenient it was to use the Hub App. You can see the menus and activities, shows, movies, etc for the whole week on the first day so you can plan your whole week. Loved it.
  4. To be honest, usually I spend a lot of time on Serenity. But first day we went up there and realized there was little to no shade so we never went up there again. I'm passed the laying out in the sun stage lol. There were plenty of other places that were in the shade plus we had our own balcony to lay out on.
  5. I spent some of every night in the casino. It was crowded and smoky but not as bad as previous cruises bc this ship has the smoking and non-smoking sections on 2 different sides. Of course you smell the smoke but not as bad as I remember in past. The drink service was ok. Since they took the bar out of this casino, maybe that's why they took a little longer coming back with drinks.
  6. As far as the ports....Aruba we planned out a nice beach day and were planning on taking a taxi but then saw that Carnival added a beach express excursion which was just a bus from port to Eagle Beach (which was our beach choice btw) and back to ship for 19.99pp. Absolutely gorgeous beach!!!! We had been to all these ports before and took island tours last time so this time, we planned 1 beach day and the other ports just walked around the port for shopping. In Amber Cove there is a pool that's free to use too.
  7. We saw all the shows in the Liquid Lounge. They were all good and we enjoyed them all but nothing stood out as outstanding. We also saw many comedy shows which were pretty good. We watched a couple of movies on Lido which we always enjoy doing. Didn't spend any time in the Piano bar but passed it many times and it was full but no one standing so not over crowded. We were happy that they didn't sail with a full ship and nothing was super crowded other than buffet on 1st day and most days the main pool and of course the casino. But we didn't go in the pool so we always found somewhere on 11 or 12 overlooking the pool to relax and still enjoy the music. It was a very good cruise overall.
  8. OK, so back yesterday from the 8 day cruise on Horizon. A well needed vacation. Open for questions....just be patient for answers lol EMBARKATION: A breeze. Got to port by 10:30 and on ship at 11:00. No Priority boarding separate room though. MUSTER DRILL: Another breeze. So much better. Now you can go anytime to your own muster drill station (inside ship) between when you board and time ship leaves. It took all of 5 minutes. Then you watch the rest on your cabin tv. ELEVATORS: Now they have the floor choice panel before you get into elevator. Then screen tells you which elevator to get into. Helps keep the crowds separated a little. Liked that. FOOD: Choices in buffets not great, taste was fine though. Preferred the other FREE places such as Deli, Pizza, Guys Burgers, Mexican, or Dining Room. Didn't do any Specialty Restaurants. Seaday Brunch great but service a bit slow. We looked forward to the Gelato station on buffet.....but never was ready and even when it was, I didn't think it was very good. The free soft ice cream was delicious though. MASKS: We were required to wear masks in certain places/situations. Not great but didn't want to cancel the cruise over that. But starting this week, the rules got even more strict with passengers needing to show negative Covid test before boarding. ROOM: We had Balcony room on 9th deck and worried if there would be too much noise (see original post). There was not any noise where we were and were very happy with our choice (Midship, near mid elevator, 1 floor below Lido) Beds/Pillows....Very comfortable. I always say I sleep better on a cruise than I do at home. Free waters and other perks for Platinum: Pick up on your own instead of being delivered to the room. CARNIVAL HUB APP: Love, love, love this. I thought I'd really miss not having the FunTimes delivered each night but the APP was so much more convenient. You could check in to DR (we had YTD) when leaving your room and had a table # when you arrived. No waiting. You could check out what was happening (where and when) at your convenience for the whole cruise at any time. You could see all menus for all restaurants so you could plan your week accordingly. DEBARKATION: Also went very smoothly. Left our room at latest time possible (8:30am) and went to Lido for breakfast. Our number was called by 9:30am and although there were lines, it was the quickest ever I've gotten off a ship. I'll try to answer all questions, as quick as possible. Have a great cruise for anyone who is waiting to sail. Horizon was a great ship!!!!
  9. Are the shows in Main Lounge as well as comedy shows first come first serve.....or do you make reservations now for them. And what are some of the nights main lounge shows? Anything other than music? Thanks
  10. One last question....is the gelato open for lunch and dinner or just 1?
  11. Can anyone tell me if the Ocean Plaza Buffet on Deck 5 is just a small version of same foods on Lido Buffet? Or do they actually have different foods? Also, I had seen somewhere that the horizon has a Gelato station. Is that 24 hours like the ice cream or is it part of the buffet when that's open? Where is it located if not in the buffet on Lido? Thanks.....just curious and getting very excited. Cruise is in 8 days!
  12. Our cruise is stopping at Aruba for the day in a couple of weeks. Looking to just have a beach day. Choosing between Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. My main questions to help us decide are: Is there any difference in the sand or water? Do you have to pay for beach chairs/umbrellas and if so how much? Or is there an entrance fee? Which beach has more shaded areas? What is the best and least expensive way to get from cruise port to Eagle or Palm Beach? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
  13. Thank you for your replies. I will let you know. I will chance it and enjoy being near the elevator/stairs and in midship and just hope there is not much noise above us.
  14. We are booked on the Carnival Horizon next month and have room 9346 which is under Lido. We usually avoid the deck under Lido but wanted middle of ship near elevator and this was perfect. Can anyone tell me if I'm right or wrong to assume that the noise from Lido that everyone complains about is mostly under the pool deck and area? This room is between the buffet area and blue iguana. Bad choice?
  15. Going on Anthem in November. Anyone stay in one of these rooms or nearby that can answer this question please? Room 9233/10233/11233 are all in a little hallway behind stairs with an empty space next to them on the left (as per deckplans). Just wondering if anyone knows what that unlabeled space is used for? Even my RC phone consultant couldn't answer it. Just want to make sure it's not a service area for maintenance, or anything else that could be noisy to be next to. Thank you in advance. Also, anyone know the difference with category 2U and 4U. Everything looks the same and again, the RC consultant didn't know what the difference was. Thanks.
  16. Thanks....I think we will just take the shuttle.
  17. We will be in Bermuda next month but this time just for the day (Sunday 8am-5pm). Been there before and looking forward to going back to Horseshoe Bay Beach. It seems that 1st #7 bus from dockyard on a Sunday is at 10:50am? That seems so late and by the time we get there and get settled, it will be almost noon. Then we have to be back at ship by 4 or so. Doesn't leave us much time to enjoy the beach. Because it's a Sunday, is the bus not a practical option for us? (We have 14 zone tickets left over and still good to use from our last trip to Bermuda) Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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