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  1. Thanks for your comment, Nature Lover Girl..... it honestly doesn't bother me - : on previous Cunard cruises there's been all styles and colours and no-one seems too bothered by the theme. I will be interested to see how many adopt 1920's fashions - and what constitutes 'Victoriana'!
  2. I lived in Dubai for many years & visit about twice a year: paracetamol can be bought in pharmacies, but codeine is on the list of controlled drugs. I would not take it into the country, although UAE guidelines state it is allowed in limited quantities, for 1 month’s use, with a doctor’s prescription. https://www.mohap.gov.ae/Files/MOH_Service/361/ANNEX TO TRAVELLERS GUIDELINES 08-04-2019.pdf If still concerned, look on the U.K. Government’s advice pages for travellers. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/united-arab-emirates/entry-requirements#Medication
  3. I’d love to see them too - where are they? I found that very few participated in the ‘masquerade’ theme, even though we’d called into Venice prior to that evening. I was the only person wearing a mask at our table of ten! I have a sparkly black dress for the Cunard Gala Ball, But have just read the post about wearing gold or red...... oh dear! 🤭😉
  4. Thanks, Bluemarble! I’d looked on the Cunard website, but couldn’t find it: always learning! 👍
  5. We’re on the QV from 20th September; how can I find out who the guest speakers are?
  6. MosesO and luckymal - please join the roll call for the September 20th sailing on QV. Perhaps we could arrange some private excursions, together, in a small group. On previous cruises, we have found that option mostly preferable to the coach loads on the Cunard excursions. Mickb - thanks for your comments and good wishes. I’m really on a count-down now!
  7. I’ll report back on that opinion after the voyage, Roscoe39! 🤔😉 and already looking out the ‘sparkles’! 🎉 Thanks for your help and your good wishes. Eileen
  8. Thanks again, Roscoe39 - you certainly seem to know your way around the QV! I think I’m concerned about being on Deck 1 and so near the sea! - as I said we are more used to higher decks, and I have been thinking of trying to get a balcony cabin higher up, though the ship seems pretty full. Our children booked this cruise as a gift for our Golden Wedding Anniversary, so it has been a lovely surprise. My Husband is perfectly happy with the cabin and the deck, so I think I should put my concerns aside and start planning my wardrobe! Eileen
  9. Hi Alanxx - I’ve read this about Venice ..... but it’s true of many other ports, including many islands in the Caribbean. I know that the residents of Tortola, in the BVI, do not welcome cruise ships, as they feel they damage the coral and pollute the sea. Also it’s felt that the Cruise passengers do not help the economy, as many do not disembark and those who do tend to wander around the port and look at locals’ stalls, but do not buy anything.
  10. Thanks, Roscoe! Have you read any reviews of cabin 1101? You don’t think the a.c. machinery will be noisy? E.
  11. Thanks, Everyone, for all the information and the great photos. 👍
  12. Thanks Host Hattie - using my mobile and think i may have read the number upside down! Though, to be fair, Roscoe mentions 1011!
  13. Hi Host Hattie - I'm sure the hull plan is correct if looking for cabin 1011, but we're in an outside cabin - 1101.
  14. Hi Melnote - the cabin you mention is just 4 away from the one we have. These seem to be under the Britannia Club Restaurant. Are you cruising soon? If you’re going before me (September 20th), I’d love to hear your opinion of the cabins. Roscoe - how do I find that review of 1091, that you mentioned?
  15. Thanks to you both for your prompt replies to my queries. Roscoe39 - thanks also for the hull plans, but our cabin number is 1101, not 1011. Any thoughts on that?
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