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  1. But I hope you’re not claiming all of your posts were new to this thread (even if they were new to you) Just yesterday your post #14714 was precisely identical to post #14696 which had been posted less than a day before. And you are far from the leading duplicate poster. Some people duplicate their own posts, sometimes on the same page. But whether duplicates or not, this is still a favorite thread 😄
  2. And would be under 5k if the duplicates were removed. Not talking about posts that are similar to others, but precisely the same post. Some that were funny the first 3 or 4 times, start to get a little old, but they are an escape from contemplating Covid or politics.
  3. Great! You have dug out your car which is still surrounded by 5 feet of snow in every direction. How are you going anywhere?
  4. There is often a small number of late August / September Northern transAtlantics from Baltic to NY/NE for leaf season cruises.
  5. Voyager and Explorer used to be considered mega ships. They were the largest cruise ships in the world when built, almost twice the size of Grandeur 138k GRT vs 74 GRT. That said she is a fine ship. There is a whole thread you should read:
  6. For a minute I thought someone had left their black cat 🐈 as a chair holder on the first chair.
  7. I usually bring a sport coat for exactly the reason mentioned by the OP - I find many places on the ship to be too cool for me to be comfortable sitting. And a secondary benefit: it makes me a little dressier. I used to bring a tux, but no longer even bring a tie.
  8. I found out on my first ocean cruise that salt air shrinks your clothes. Then I discovered river cruising and found out that air off of fresh water does the same thing. 🙄
  9. The bank I used in Arlington (not in a government building) had pens chained to their writing tables, so you could not walk off with them. And, you guessed it, the pens said U.S. Government. The bank didn’t want anyone to steal the pens they had stolen. One time in India I was offered a pack of 2 dozen incense sticks for one lousy black US Government pen. They never checked if it actually wrote (probably did), but did make sure retracting spring worked.
  10. I’m confused how Pacífico named for the Pacific Ocean, brewed in Mazatlán on the shores of the Pacific and now owned by a Belgian-Brazilian company got to be a Caribbean beer. Mexican okay, but just because you can get it in Cozumel and Cancun doesn’t make it Caribbean.
  11. Despite being published on April 1, the following is true:
  12. I’m debating whether to report this as political....
  13. I did an old Soviet river boat in the 1990s. The head was like this, but not nearly as new or nice; certainly no glass door. From a single position you could do the 3 Ss AND brush your teeth. If you weren’t careful, you could also wash the sheets at the same time.
  14. I have run into a number of tours (such as the St. Kitts Sugar Train) that can be booked directly EXCEPT on days when ships are in port. On in-port days the ship has bought out the tour and the tour has to be booked through the ship.
  15. Disappointing. I kept waiting for a cry of “Hi-yo” and seeing Silver appear in fireworks🙄. 0kay, it really was a great display.
  16. Look at the bright side. A floating head means were CRUISING!
  17. Okay, the majority of responders so far agree with the the person who disagreed that “the cruise industry won’t return to pre-pandemic levels until 2030”. In other words presumably you think that the cruise industry will return to peak profitability (the term used in the actual article) before 2030. So when do each of you think peak profitability will return and why? It is sure not going to be this year or next. Providing a meaningful response to that question requires considerable more thought than just blindly disagreeing with the article.
  18. But what is that large yellow item in real life (not Legoland)? I keep failing to conceive of it as a storage tank, but have not come up with any reasonable answers.
  19. I really don’t have an accurate take on where RCI ships are currently, but I think they are all thousands of miles from Alaska. Probably closest are in the Caribbean on the other side of the Panama Canal. Chances of organizing a last minute multiweek repositioning cruise are slim to none. I’d think chances of ANY Alaska large ship Cruises in 2021 are unlikely and fading with every passing week.
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