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  1. Thank you for your response. I appreciate honesty and yes you have to expect crowds on cruises so we understand that. I was just hoping my kids can use the slides without terrible lines, especially the week before Thanksgiving. Thank you!
  2. Well we are going the week before thanksgiving break and I don’t mind the kids I just want mine to be able to use the water slides and all and not have to wait in line forever.
  3. Haha thanks everyone! We are going before thanksgiving and not fall break. I am taking some personal time and I figured a first grader and pre-K kid can miss 3 days of school. A long way out, just trying to do my research early on! Appreciate it!
  4. No it worked out. I called Costco who then called carnival and got it all fixed and sent us a new invoice with all of the vifp numbers listed. I alway have to go through Costco because that who I booked through. I did that last time too. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi all, So last April during my spring break ( I am a teacher) we took our first cruise on the liberty as a family with a 2 and 5 year old. I don’t think there were a ton of kids but a decent amount. Next November (2020) we are sailing on the sunshine with an almost four year old and almost seven year old, right before thanksgiving. Do you think less or more kids than April? Main reason I’m asking is because I want my kids to enjoy the waterworks without having to wait in long lines for slides and all. Thanks for any opinions!
  6. Thank you all so much for your replies! I called carnival and they said I had to go through Costco since that’s who I booked through but also said it should be no problem!
  7. Okay thank you, I will probably have to call. We were booking through Costco online and I thought we activated his account last night but when we put it in it wouldn’t let us book so we just used my number so we could book. Through his account though it says we have a cruise so I’m all confused.
  8. So why is my husband tier blue and I am red when we both cruised at the same time?? I haven’t even checked the kids yet...
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