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  1. Hang in there SSCA. Anyone who read your original question should know what your intentions are and what you are asking. Ignore the nasties. Have a great time traveling.
  2. I can't believe what I'm reading. Passing up the coveted SS keychain? You know they go for big money on Ebay. You are playing on a whole different level.
  3. On our last SS trip in September one of the gentleman forgot his jacket in the cabin. The Restaurant was so kind and said there was no need to run back to the cabin and provided one. They said it was acceptable to just hang it on the back of the chair. This was an Alaskan cruise with 1/3 of the normal passengers. Things were very casual in general. On another night one of the gentleman had jeans on during post excursion cocktails. We joked that perhaps the restaurant could provide a pair of dress pant that he could lay atop his jeans so he didn’t have to stop at the cabin to change. One night he wore a rather jaunty fashion fedora to cocktails. It was quite the hit until we got to the restaurant and forgot to remove it. Ooops. We are probably on a "No Sail" list now. For the record we did dress appropriately on all other occasions, even coats, ties and cocktail dresses when not required. Just having a bit of fun.
  4. @Unibok & @machotspur Thank you both so much for your detailed responses. One can read about all the places you have mentioned but it does not give you the feel for a place. The cultural triangle, Uga, Tea Trails, Galle, Dutch hospital area where on my radar. With your detailed responses I now have a feel for them and can begin to plan. Honeymoon central is not the type of description found on Trip Advisor. Machotspur - I hope your trip goes and please post a report. It looks fantastic. @Fletcher A belated thank you for a post from May. You mentioned Le Tikehau in French Polynesia which sparked an idea and off we went at the last minute. We added it to our 3 week trip in June. Unfortunately the wind howled in Tikehau at 30 mph with no let up for 5 days. We finally snuck in one very bumpy excursion to Bird Island. We finished with Le Taha'a, Vahine Island and no wind. Le Taha'a won and if the anti Covid Gods smile upon us we're headed back after Christmas
  5. All part of the service? A service I would gladly pay for. I tip my hat to you sir, and wish I could reciprocate in some way. Thank you.
  6. Fletcher - Thank you for all the suggestions. They are wonderful options and have given me much to ponder. We are squeezing this trip in and may not have much time for a pre cruise, but perhaps should make time. Those resorts look enticing. I picked this trip because I want to hit the Andaman Islands and Mergui archipelago before the Explorer disappears. Sri Lanka was just a bonus. Is there any reason to spend time in Colombo other than transit recovery?
  7. Luxury yes. There seems to be a number of 4/5* options. Still weighing the costal vs. Walkable/downtown. Atmosphere always a plus. In research mode. Thanks.
  8. We are booked on the Explorer 5-3-22 starting in Colombo, Sri Lanka. First time there. Assuming all systems go, any tips hotel or otherwise from the well traveled CC crowd would be greatly appreciated. We haven't ruled out some of the higher end resorts on the southern coast, but are leaning toward something closer to Colombo. Thanks!
  9. Fabulous! I was not familiar with this group. Can't wait to see them live, but looks like they are in Europe first half of 2022. My SO and I have this same issue. We never really want to go when the time comes, but after, realize we had a great time. So we have come up with a 'safe word' to remind us that it's going to be fun and stop our grumbling. FYI, we still grumble, but it does help get us out the door. This does beg the question: Why do we not feel the same when cruising? I suspect it's the mindset of the type of people we cruise with. In general they are gracious and have no time for drama and pettiness especially concerning the politics of the day. Let's enjoy one another and how lucky we are to share these amazing experiences together attitude prevails. The Cooler is a reflection of all this. Thanks Coolers!
  10. Post cruise we also stayed in the Black Pearl an apartment hotel and really liked it. It was well located and perfect for our needs. Always nice to have that extra space. No view, but we had a balcony. Great little Ramen place next door. I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again. Next summer we are staying at the Center Hotel Arnarhvoll near the Harpa as our group is staying there. Friends stayed there last time and liked it. We ate at the Grill Market, upscale Icelandic food. Did the tasting menu. They could make cardboard delicious. Although I said I would not eat the horse or whale, after a few glasses of excellently pared wine I did. Horse was great, whale not so much. Apparently, whale is not cardboard. We also ate at Krua Thai, excellent. After a long day of touring we took Thai leftovers home to the Pearl apartment for dinner. We were advised that the famous hot dog stand that always has a line was not worth it. It's just a tourist thing.
  11. I completely agree with @hamasgirl - I wrote a similar review elsewhere. All the food was good, but nothing memorable. I was most disappointed in Indochine as I hadnhigh expectations. The soups were quite good though. Pizza was our favorite and we ate there 3 times. The Grill, Kaiesaki, and Silver Note - didn't bother. Arts cafe was popular with a few in our group for a snack, tea, or light lunch. La Terazza lunch was pretty good. They had some decent Indian food evey day. The sushi was excellent at the beginning of the cruise, but tired about 7 days in. Our recent cruise was 1/3 full so it was easy to ask chef to customize and ramp up flavors on the spot. One night was just wanted big salads. It was great.
  12. A big Shout Out and recognition to the best Bartending crew led by Selva with Ronald and Kevin for the assist. Selva would hit the kitchen every day to find fresh ingredients to whip up delightfuly delicious concoctions. No ask was too small. Watermelon and ginger, fresh passion fruit, jalapeno margaritas, the list goes on. Thank you Selva, Ronald, and Kevin. 20210906_185508.mp4
  13. I love this line. Using a a fly fishing analogy, we have rested the pool for 4 years, is that enough to step back in? Agree with you and @Cruiseej the Wind will be great on this trip. We were on her in Vietnam when she was ahem "very tired", and still had a great time. Our shower would not drain, and it was so hot we needed a fan. Good times. TA has pushed our decision time for the Holiday trip to next week, stay tuned.
  14. Good call Sensei. Time for the disgruntled to contact the office of the President. I could not find an email address for the office of the President but will use guestrelations at seabourn . Com. You might also try Josh Leibowitz on Twitter and Linked In, and Seabourn on Instagram. While I do not know if management follows CC, I do know some staff do. Which reminds me, must give an overdue shout out on Silversea boards to some great bartenders.
  15. We were on that epic trip. Perhaps we clinked glasses at the NYE party in the observation lounge, cheered simultaneously with every whale breach in front of the ship in the middle of the humpack feeding frenzy, or marveled and mingled with plethora of wildlife in South Georgia. It was all so perfect made possible by the legendary Captain Larson, Ziggy and Brent. We have a reservation on the SS Wind Holiday sailing. I'm still on the fence because I'm not sure it can compare to that trip. It's either that or back to French Polynesia. Coin toss.
  16. Seabourn has a rather strict Future Cruise Credit policy, especially compared to Silversea. We are not allowed to transfer credits to other people and they must be used by end of 2022. While it is a First World Problem I am happy to have, I'm finding it to be quite a challenge to use all the racked up FCCs in the limited time alloted with limited cruises available. Yes we checked all the 'terms of use' boxes and were aware of the policy. The rolling cancellations with more to come will make using the FCCs even more of a challenge. Therefore, the ability to USE the FCC's has become limited compared to when the terms of use boxes were checked.. There were some rumblings from other passengers on our last cruise of a Class Action Lawsuit if Seabourn doesn't change their FCC policy. Anyone hearing anything about this, or where they just grumblings? Does anyone have any information regarding a potential change of the FCC policy? My TA is making another query regarding this issue, but feels they will remain strict. C'mon Seabourn, do the right thing. We love you and want to keep you in the rotation. Don't make us jump ship.
  17. You are so kind. Just to clarify, I love Silversea, and have 4 upcoming trips booked on them. They are all on Explorer or Wind. I may be longing for the food diversity on Muse and back peddaling on my critiques before you know it. Your point is well made regarding keeping traditions and making changes. They deliver a great product and especially deserve kudos during Covid times. Their ability to keep the ships safely going has been amazing. Like the Silver Queen for you, the Quest will always be my first love.
  18. True story: After returning from our recent indulgent cruise a member of our party asked Alexa what the temperature outside was. Alexa replied then asked if she would like some healthy eating tips.
  19. Very interesting. They both have plusses and minuses. I have to say I prefer the Quest. The main reason, I could not get used to the extremely low ceilings everywhere except Dolce Vita. Silversea are really packing them in. I felt like I was living in a cave or closet, especially the indoor restaurants, excluding La Terraza. The Panorama Loung was quite lovely. Although were were in 801 with a front balcony I missed the public outdoor space on Quest at the front of the ship, especially the Observation lounge and the front hot tub area on 6. For example, when we approached a pod of whales (which was often) there was no ability to pop outside and watch them as we passed unless we ran to our suite or the back of the ship. Oh the horrors. The Bartenders on Muse, especially Selva at Tor were world class and there was an excellent bar in every venue. A big plus. The hoops you have to jump through to get a cocktail on Quest in restaurants can be a challenge. We often get one to go before heading for dinner. The food on Muse, well....... while good, not particularly memorable. Soup in Indochine was delicious, everything else... I prefer Trader Joes. Their garlic nann was really rubbery roti. But agree with others, when we asked the chef for something special he really delivered. La Dame was quite good. Hot rocks not my thing, prefer Earth and Ocean. I liked the pizza on Muse once we were able to get the crust crispy and customized. The Restaurant & La Terazza; I can't remember a single meal to even comment. La Terazza sushi at lunch was a plus as was the seafood lunch. I missed having an indoor casual restaurant like The Colonnade. After spending the day kayaking or hiking, dressing up is not always that enticing. I missed the Thomas Keller influence, casual food like Ribs, Fried Chicken and Lobster/Seafood night. I suggested replacing Indochine or La Terazza with a Food Truck concept or rotating ethnic nights. The Nouvelle cusine of The Restaurant on both ships featured so prominently in the 80s is nice once in a while, but every night? If they want to entice a younger demographic, (by younger I mean 60's😃) and keep up with the times, time for a change. Going forward it will be interesting to see how Seabourn changes Quest. I loved their hybrid version of an expedition ship. The Wind seems like it will come closest. Stay tuned. We are so fortunate to travel on these ships, especially in these times I hope no one is offended by these critiques. I have always respected, relied on, and bennefited from the frequent posters on CC.
  20. LOL, we canceled our Greece to take the Alaskan and have no regrets. I do admit that all those sunny reports did make me a tad jealous. For us, Seabourn kept moving the testing goalposts, Delta was heating up, EU threatening to keep Americans out.. I just wanted to take a cruise that was not going to get canceled. In return, we got our own private Alaska with empty ports and more whales than I thought possible. We have reservations on the Wind Antarctica and another trip to French Polynesia coming up. Who knows where we will be able to go. I may be calling an "audible". So, you just may see us on that Seabourn Carribean cruise!
  21. I so agree. A good TA is invaluable. We booked our recent Alaska trip at the last minute and were unable to register online and our full payment was in question due to the outage. She was able to contact the ship directly to make sure our names were on the manifest. On another recent trip she poked around and was able to upgrade our biz class to first for a few hundred dollars. Hotel upgrades and perks are numerous. The list goes on and on.
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