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  1. I'm booked in the Haven for November 2021 Transatlantic crossing...hoping it goes!
  2. I upgraded last December just like you did on the Joy...from a Balcony to H8. I got 2 points per night (I was not a latitudes member as it was my first cruise, nor was the cruise covered as a past guest offer). However, several guests I met on the Joy indicated they were getting 3 points per night because they were staying in the Haven, and booked the cruise while a past guest offer was in place. Next November I will be traveling for 16 nights in the Haven, on a past guest offer. I expect I will be awarded 48 points at the end of the cruise...and skipping silver completely! who
  3. I think that tipping is extremely subjective. Tip what you feel is appropriate. I travel solo, and on my first cruise in the Haven, the Butler did a few things above and beyond so I felt a tip was warranted. I gave him $150 for the week. I was comfortable with that. My steward was exceptional. He was always available, and every time I had a question he was there. He was friendly and I felt he was great. I tipped him $150 as well, as he also gets the gratuity pool. The concierge screwed up my reservations a few times so I did not leave a tip for them. It felt harsh to me, but I reminded mys
  4. Yes, @don't-use-real-nameand I agree. It was this $300/day for 2 persons that was throwing me.
  5. I ended up booking 16023, a 2br Family Villa (H6). It is the first stateroom without the wave design, and the difference in price was not much (~$500). I'm happy with my choice. I'm going on a 15 day cruise, and I tend to use my stateroom as a refuge...so I'm good. The Haven on Epic sounds wonderful! Now I just need to GO!
  6. I disagree on that calculation. The Premium Beverage package is $99 +20%/day. To upgrade to the Premium Beverage Plus package is an additional $29+20%/day. Or without the promo, $128+20%/day, not $203. You don't have to repay the initial $99, hence why it is an upgrade, not full retail. So, right now I am booked on a 15 day cruise, and have the Premium Beverage package promo. My cruise planner is throwing in the grats on it. In my cruise planner, it offers me an upgrade to the Premium Plus Beverage package for an additional $29+20%/day...and it is priced at $522.00 for my cru
  7. I am going on my first transatlantic next year (I hope) and staying in the Haven. I suppose they will offer the $20 bag of laundry special once? Twice? in the 15 day voyage... I always thought it would be nice if they offered a free press for Haven guests and laundry. It would be a benefit I would definitely take gladly, and I am sure many would use it.
  8. I’m surprised they are not extending the laundry benefit to Haven too. I’m not that high up on the loyalty list and still don’t have a free bag of laundry...seems strange lower level of stateroom gets a perk Haven does not? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. I second all the not to worry comments. Preconcierge did nothing for my cruise but the butler and onboard concierge handled everything. The precruise concierge was a lot of puffery. You will have an amazing time!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Is the current offer for open bar the equivalent to the premium drinks package or premium plus drinks package? Reason I ask is that I just booked a cruise and usually there is an option to upgrade to Premium Plus, but the only option listed is the full priced premium plus (~$2300). No upgrade option. Same thing with the WiFi. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I have to say that even though I travel solo, it would absolutely annoy me to have everything in one room. When I did an H5 on the Joy, I absolutely loved having a separate bedroom and living room. Made a huge difference for me. I think I will go with the 2BR as there is not much difference in price and it is 15 nights. Thank you BirdTravels!
  12. Hello NCL Cruisers... So after 4 cancelled cruises, I am giving up and planning a ways out now. Looking at some transatlantics on the Epic in the Haven. I was in the Haven for my first cruise on the Joy and LOVED it. I really value my space in the stateroom. On the Joy, I have a forwarding facing suite...loved having a living space and then bedroom space. The table for breakfast, etc... When I look at the Epic, the suites are oddly shaped (HF-The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony). Round bed in the middle of the room, bathroom appears to be open.
  13. How do you do that and what is the welfare fund?
  14. Me too. I find my room is a sanctuary from the rest of the ship. Besides, if I sit on the balcony for more than 3 mins when we are out to see, I fall asleep. :) Ocean naps are wonderful!
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