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  1. Thanks for this-I will make sure to inform the concierge if my butler is MIA. Can't wait to get onboard...52 days to go.
  2. I upgraded (paid) to an H8 from a minisuite and now I am done. I look at the HA or the other Haven suites...but I am done with upgrading. I've got just over 50 days to go.
  3. Job well done! You obviously set the bar high, and are a model of successful parenting, even with the challenges you have faced. I'd be happy to cruise with you and your family! 🙂
  4. It kind of amazes me why people would bring kids into the Haven pool area as it can't be much fun for them in a quiet courtyard. It is very expensive, and when I was a kid, we never went to fancy places...it was always family friendly places. Different world, I guess. I think of the Haven as pretty high end...
  5. I'll be on the Joy in December, and have to admit...fighting to get a lounger in the Observation Lounge (Public) as opposed to an open Haven Observation Lounge with a choice of loungers and bar service sounds like money well spent for me!
  6. Was the OP talking about the Haven only Observation Lounge? I think it is above the main Observation Lounge on the Joy/Bliss...or is this another ship without a Haven only Observation Lounge?
  7. Good to know...I was just curious when I saw a couple of threads about CDs.
  8. This makes me feel much better-the Aft suites are even further from the Haven than the FWD ones (where I am). I can't wait!
  9. Thanks for the great overview. I am taking my first cruise in December, and booked into a Haven stateroom-an H8 (Forward Haven Suite-Connecting). One thing that does concern me as I am outside the Haven area, is the Butler. How responsive they will be? I've seen comment on here for those in the Aft and Fwd suites that they never saw their butler. I intend to use my Butler (since I am paying for it!) and have started to compile a list of things I would like. What if my Butler is one of these MIA butlers? I'd expect to meet them within a few hours of being onboard, and I would tip them appropriately for the services they provide. I wouldn't ask them to do too much, but there are a couple of daily things that are important to me, and the Butler service was one of the main reasons I went with booking into the Haven.
  10. just curious-going on my first cruise in December. How important is the cruise director? I mean, does it make a lot of difference who the director is, and do you recognize a difference? I would have thought everything is set, and they are just monitoring...but I could be wrong. Please enlighten me! 🙂
  11. I have a specialty dining package for my 8 night cruise-3 specialty dinners. Is it possible to add to this? I might like to add 2 more to it, but there is not an option for adding more, just to buy another package of 3, and there is also a 5 package...but nothing to upgrade my 3 to 5. The specialty meals package is a good deal compared to the menu prices. Any ideas?
  12. Is there anywhere on deck to get away from the lights? I am in the Haven, if that helps. I would love to be able to sit and watch the stars at night.
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