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  1. I wonder if Haven guests will also need to pick an arrival time?
  2. Not sure why I can't complete my online check-in? I've completed everything, but still...can't complete it.
  3. Thats interesting-it notes bottles of NON-SELECT wine (including champagne and sparkling) are 40% off. I don't recall that being there before. What is select wine?
  4. Yeah, I've seen lots of "stick with Veuve", but I have a ton of OBC, and I'd like to be able to say I tried it at least once. :) Thanks for the info-glad to hear someone did it, the 40% will bring the price down quite a bit.
  5. If you are on the premium plus beverage plan, the terms note a 40% discount on bottles of wine, etc..Dom goes for $192 + grats. Would it be discounted 40%? Curious, as I will be in the mood to celebrate my next cruise! I don't see any asterisk saying anything different.
  6. I will always book up to plus. Why? I don't want to think about "Will this be over $15?" and then checking my onboard account over and over. I can afford it, but its my own neurosis. I like to be able to go up to the Haven bar, and ask the Bartender for something new and top shelf. It is how I started loving cognac after dinner, particularly Remy Martin VSOP. At $35/a shot, I am very happy to pay up on the beverage plan. I love never having to ask "Is this covered under the beverage plan?". I just order what I want, and I do love my Veuve.
  7. I brought some of these with me, and the wine kept for a few days. Also works for Champagne! Put the topper on, use the pump to remove the air...good to go.
  8. Excellent tip! I did mine and it said 7/23 for my 11/20 cruise, which is exactly 120 days out. I thought Haven got 130 days?
  9. How long do you have to have the 100 shares to qualify? I mean, if I applied and then sold them next month, are they going to take it away?
  10. I love Le Bistro. I am doing to TA in November, and I plan to book 4 nights there. Love it! I prefer it over Cagney's. But thats just me.
  11. does it matter if you pay in full? I'm in the Haven, and NCL moved the final payment to 60 days. Will reservations still become available at 130?
  12. I went solo in the Haven, and will be going solo in the Haven in November. My butler was surprised when I said it was just me...so I don't think solo travelers are the norm in the Haven. But, I loved the space and attention I got. You can find some deals on Haven bookings as a solo. While it will never be cheap, I have found some good deals. When I see them, I immediately put down a deposit as they never last long. Also, with the return to cruising, there isn't going to be much in the way of good deals as people use up their FCC and demand is high. I booked my November 2021 c
  13. I'm on the Epic for the Transatlantic trip to get her to San Juan. It looks like she will go, or at least, it seems favorable.
  14. Thats what I thought. I remember on my cruise on the Joy, on a port day I went to Taste for lunch, and it was closed up. I went to the Buffet instead.
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