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  1. Thank you! The main reason why I like the bed by the bathroom/closet is because on other cruise lines (this is our first celebrity cruise) we find the stateroom gets too warm during the night, even with the thermostat on its lowest setting, other cruise lines seem to "play around" with the temperatures inside the cabins and the ac vents are located near the bathroom so when I have a bed located right under the vents` it feels cooler when I sleep. Perhaps Celelebrity's staterooms remain cool, we like to sleep with the temperature 69-70 not sure if Celebrity's staterooms would get that cool for us? On another note, my father in law is best to have his stateroom with the bed next to the bathroom so he doesn't bump into any furniture going to the bathroom during the night. Is there a nightlight in the rooms, if so, where would it be located? Thank you.
  2. I don't understand the move up cabin options....you mean if there is a chance I can get a higher category, how would they contact me?
  3. Thank you everybody...I defiantly will report back after the cruise, and I really think I am going to enjoy the Celebrity experience. I just don't know what took me so long. 🤔
  4. My sister is there also....glad to hear your winning some!! Are you winning more at roulette or the slots? That is great your up $450 now play on their money.😁
  5. True, so if you win you take the winnings out then continue playing to avoid those tax issues. 🙂
  6. Slots are just more fun to us, tables are fast and you have to bet alot more money.
  7. Hello, I am new to Celebrity, but diamond on RC which makes me Elite status on Celebrity, which is VERY nice. We are booked on the Edge for December and have a few questions if anybody can help that be truly appreciated. We are taking my elderly father in law, as a result we are paying everything for him during the cruise we chose the single infinite balcony cabin for him and we are one door away at an Oceanview Panoramic stateroom (we always have had balconies, but figured with the large window it shouldn't make much of a difference not having that actual balcony). My question, on other cruise lines we found the room temperature too warm during the night even set to the lowest setting, I gather other cruise lines can adjust/they are green and can adjust the temperatures when people are sleeping....do you feel the Edge or any celebrity ship does get warm during the night, if so, I will bring a small fan with me. Do we need to make reservations for the show, if so, when are we able to do this? We are Elite, but just booked up and anytime dining was not available, therefore, we were placed for late seating with a waitress (select). What does the select part mean and what are our changes of getting the anytime dining? To be honest, 8:30 is a bit too late for my father in law who is 80. Any ideas how to get the anytime dining and where would we do that? If we get anytime dining, can we call Celebrity or on the website chose the time we would like to dine, or do we have to make reservations when on board to do this, and where would we do that on the ship? If we have the premium beverage package, from what I was told that would mean we would get complimentary items at the Cafe el Bacio? Is this true? What is your favorite specialty restaurant and why? We want to experience dining in the MDR but also want to try a couple of specialty restaurants. Any advice/tips that you can give us that we may not be aware of on this ship? Thank you and have a great day!
  8. Hello, lucky you on the Reflexion now! Not sure if you go in the casino, but if so and you play slots, I hope you win!!
  9. Thanks for the replies! Question, if you win, at what $$$ do you have to declare it and pay taxes?
  10. RC is our favorite cruise line, but always wanted to try Celebrity...currently, my sister is on the Equinox and both she and my brother in law been texting me and sending me photos and telling me how better Celebrity is (with the exception of the casino being completely tight on the slot machines) so we decided at the age of 56 to finally give it a try, we booked the Edge for the end of this year. But every RC cruise, we always hear or see of people who have won jackpots or decent amounts of dollars on the slots and my other half is very lucky, I a different story lol. I like RC casino Royale program much better, they give us junior suite complimentary cruises, and I know Celebrity does not do this but to finally experience Celebrity is our main goal, and we shall decide after Celebrity do we stay with them or go back to RC or even probably cruise them both in the future.😁
  11. Your absolutely correct, the house wants to make its money first then at the end they pay out some so that they can get the people to come back and then we noticed other cruises the opposite. My other half would totally agree with you that there is always that "one"slot machine, he has the smell for it should you say lol.
  12. No, not surprised and know most people loose but some do win...I been cruising on RC and every now and then I see somebody winning a few thousand of dollars, hitting jackpots.
  13. Thats good to hear some machines to pay out, this is what I wanted to hear, perhaps this week its taking it back as my sister is currently on the Equinox and says nobody is getting anything, but then again, she is only into day three. LOL
  14. Which ship was that? That was very nice of Celebrity and I would be happy also to have won $8.50
  15. Your very right, greed...my other half pretty much always comes home with more money, he does play max slot bet though, I am cheap. He knows how to pull out that ticket, bring it to the safe come back and put in another bill. As for me, if I only loose $400 in a week cruise that is a win for me lol.
  16. True, just curious because my sister said people are talking they not even getting bonus spins.
  17. Nice! Now curious whether anybody in the past year won.
  18. That is great, but that was 8 years ago, wonder how the casino's are in these days.
  19. My sister/brother in law currently on the Equinox, she said that people are complaining in the Casino that nobody is winning anything. Has anybody won anything playing slots?
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