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  1. Madman, yes I would hope that in any eventuality, guest who were affected by these cancelled and ill-fated cruises would get the very first consideration. Still doesn't mean I would want FCC. Nope.
  2. I continue to agree with MaryLovestoTravel. This seems very negative and underhanded. Again, especially when for many high risk people, lives are at stake. They did what they did. There continues to be no justification. The presence and appearance of unequal unfairness is never a good thing. No hindsight here, at all. And, I am not assuming that in all cases that we can trust a company or the pilot.
  3. Well, maybe I will post something more positive, during the current situation! I see that the Regal will be moving to the West Coast and doing Alaska next year. I enjoyed the Regal. It will be doing an Inside Passage without Glacier Bay. (which we have done). This includes the Endicott/Tracy Arm Fjord area, before docking a Juneau after noon. Right now there are no shore excursions offered for this. I have heard about the smaller boat tour of Tracy Arm, that is sometimes available from the ship on other cruises. Does anyone here have any idea if this will be offered, but maybe just h
  4. Hello, When I was on the Regal, I was impressed with the tons of free flowing hot water and plenty of soap and towels! Both in the restrooms, the hand washing station at the buffet. We had absolutely no questions or issues about the food and dining. All seemed okay. Now, the pools, not as sure about that one.
  5. Just wanted to mention that there is a major nation wide insurance company that may offer specific cruise policies that can be purchased until final payment. Cancel for any reason policies can be expensive, but this could possibly be an option. Try to search on specific CRUISE insurance policies.
  6. Seems that way. That is why we won’t be booking concierge. We are used to the Sanctuary!
  7. Here is how it went with us for Anytime Dining. We did the buffet one night, and two of the specialty restaurants. So we knew we wouldn't have to have a specific seating each night! Okay, so here is our tip. When we did show up for Anytime Dining, usually early in the evening, but not right at opening, yes, it was hard to get a seat. Once the tables are filled, you pretty much might have to wait until the first people are done. BUT, here is the thing. On the larger ships (we were on Regal Princess) they did mention that we could go down to Allegro which is usually set seating,
  8. When I try this, it simply takes me to my Gold Card Account. It doesn't give any message or anything. Just takes me to my account. It doesn't show on my available offers. I had added some offers to my card, too. So, maybe it should give me more offers by tomorrow? Anyhow, I heard about the Oceania one too. Does anybody here know about that one? Is there a back door for that offer? I tried putting 'oc' and 'oceaniacruises' there in the place of wlcl, but that didn't work. I tried!
  9. I think the bottled water that you can pre-order and will be in your cabin is still pretty cheap. We did this on our cruise on the Regal. When we sailed on the regal, it was decent Spring Water, but I think I have also heard that sometimes it is filtered processed drinking water. Maybe that depends on the ship, or the departure port? I like Spring Water, so we were happy. Always had plenty of water with us when we wanted! And, I did bring bottled soda, as I am not big on cans. Could always get a glass of ice for that too!
  10. Thanks again everyone! I have gotten a lot of good info and feedback.
  11. I looked up videos of “Santorini April”. Some showed Athens as well. Some were in shirtsleeves, and at times jackets. The wildflowers were blooming on Santorini!!! If course people would be posting nice video, not 60’ rain????
  12. We were in E405. The balcony is deeper! Mid-ship location. Can't miss. The possible cons might possibly be... There is a light just below on the promenade that stayed on, and is not covered, so that it does also shine up towards your cabin. The blue lights on the SeaWalk will also cast a slight blue glow. (some were not lighting! They need to fix that.). I had no problem with that at all. There is now a small square little stool/table, instead of the three legged round one. Unless you are also considering another cabin for a specific reason, E405 is great!
  13. I posted a report too! It was a great cruise. And, man, what a storm that morning at St. Maarten. They shut the gangway down for a while so we didn't make our planned excursion. I too would skip Sabatini's after our visit there. And, def. skip the lobster at Crown Grill. Dining, and the so-called 'crowded' buffet and dining rooms was interesting... the two dining rooms off the Piazza were busy!!! We did notice that. Well, they forwarded us down to Allegro, for a table for two. Quiet and nearly deserted. Amazing!!! The best wait staff we had onboard was there, Dan Lee. Many
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