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  1. Thank you - I will continue reading reviews and looking for videos. I'm glad to hear that you had a great time on your TP! Perhaps it's about assessing Solstice for what she is rather than comparing her to a completely different style of ship. It's hard for me to imagine a Celebrity cruise ship being "run down" but I suppose it comes down to perspective. So many people seem to love the S Class ships and I think we'd miss out by booking the same ship over and over. I don't like to nit pick details, so as long as our stateroom is clean, comfortable and undamaged, I'm sure we'll be m
  2. I only said very little revenue instead of none because people are still paying deposits. I do agree with your point though. I also agree that Celebrity is fantastic. We fell in love with the service, experience and food and can't wait to sail again.
  3. I recently booked a 2022 Transpacific on Solstice. During my call with Celebrity, I asked about the ship's Revolution, which was set to take place late-2021. I wasn't surprised when the representative said that all scheduled refits have been postponed. I'm sure this isn't news to all of you - I understand that these are expensive updates during a time of uncertainty and very little revenue, but it also seems logical to take advantage of the downtime in order to complete the work. I've read quite a few recent reviews that said Solstice seems run down even though she was refurbished
  4. I agree with the other posters re: Finecut. Highly recommend making a reservation ASAP. I went to the Bistro for lunch on our final sea day and was shocked that it was almost empty. The food was fabulous, and I thought it was excellent value for a speciality dining experience. They even sent me away with a box of pastries for my husband, who wasn't in the mood for the Bistro that day. My only advice is to plan for a light dinner afterward, if anything. We had reservations for Le Petit Chef that evening and I was too full to enjoy the meal!
  5. My husband and I sailed Aquaclass on Edge in February and would book it again. We used the Thermal Suite a few times, mainly for the heated loungers. We noticed that the Thermal Suite was busy during embarkation and the first two sea days, but the crowds dropped off later in the cruise. We also found that early morning and dinner time / evening were the best times to take advantage of the space. I had planned to try the 4 main dining rooms but Blu's food and service were so enjoyable that we dined there every night. There's also the added benefit of having the option to eat breakf
  6. My husband and I embarked on our first cruise the day after we got married and the staff on the Edge went out of their way to celebrate us. During our first night in Blu, our servers presented us with a beautiful (giant!) cake and sang "Happy Honeymoon to you." We also received chocolate covered strawberries in our room. All unexpected but very much appreciated gestures. We have so many happy memories from that cruise and can't wait to board another cruise when it's safe to do so.
  7. Thank you for the great advice, everyone! This will be our first cruise and we’re obviously very excited.
  8. My husband and I got married in Fort Lauderdale this weekend and are boarding the Edge today. I’m too excited to sleep so I thought I’d see if you folks could help me clear up a few things that I can’t seem to find answers for: 1. What is Celebrity’s policy on bringing fresh flowers on board? I’d love to enjoy my bridal bouquet for a few more days if possible but if it’ll be confiscated, I’ll leave it behind. 2. We bought some groceries for our stay in Fort Lauderdale and have a few apples and bananas leftover. Can we bring them on board? I see the Celebrity website says
  9. Thank you to the OP for asking the question! While I love a good steak, I get super excited about steakhouse sides and appetizers. It will be nice to try a few different options. To those of you who have eaten at Fine Cut, what were your favorite appetizers and sides? I will likely order a smaller steak, and my fiance was blessed with a great metabolism and a healthy appetite, so I think we can manage a reasonable variety. EDIT: Maybe an equally important question is... What would you skip?
  10. Thank you for your review! I'm booked for the same Edge itinerary in February and cannot wait.
  11. This is consistent with what I've seen on my sailing. With the $1239 price, you do get the additional $200 OBC that you wouldn't in the "Best Rate" offer.
  12. Got the price reduction that I was hoping for. Thank you to the OP @mikkelhansen for the heads up!
  13. I've made multiple changes to my non-refundable reservation to match the current best available rate and haven't had to cancel or re-book. That said, I booked directly through Celebrity and they've made these changes very easy so I'm not sure what the process would be with a TA. I'm nearing an hour on hold with X right now to apply savings from this sale... If all goes well, I'll see a $675 price reduction based on today's rates. Fingers crossed. My final payment is due Monday.
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