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  1. After about 5 hours it seems the situation is resolving. People are now getting back on the ship. I heard there was violence at the port with clashes between the police and those on strike. We are also refueling right now so while I don't think we will be moving ports, earlier today the captain said they were considering it as an option.
  2. I'll keep you updated. We are supposed to get off early tomorrow morning to go to Machu Picchu. Just heard there are 475 passengers (of about 800 total) and 75 crew stranded ashore.
  3. I'm on the Senerity; we are in Valparaiso today and tomorrow. They are not letting anyone on or off the ship currently. There is a strike at the port so the shuttle from the ship to the terminal is suspended. Some people who got off this morning are stranded at the port entrance and we cannot get off the ship.
  4. Based on Crystal's Facebook post they are doing a blog of their own. I would love to see more too. I will be on for 17 nights the Colon - Valparaiso segment.
  5. Am I missing something here? I also noticed that my cc info disappeared on their website for a few days. I took no action and it now says I'm 100% checked in again but it seems like a stretch to say somehow our cc info was comprised or they were 'hacked' solely because their web site front end didn't show our info. Over reaction? Or did I miss something?
  6. We're considering booking our first Crystal Cruise (20 day Panama Canal/South America on the Serenity). In the past we've always chosen premium offerings on mainstream cruise lines vs. high-end lines since we're a younger couple (late 20s/early 30s) and enjoy the nightlife on larger ships. Our favorite is the Haven suites on NCL since they have a private pool/restaurant/bar etc that are inaccessible to the rest of the ship. Can anyone who has done both the Haven and sailed on Crystal share their experience? We're also debating whether to do a regular balcony cabin or a penthouse on Crystal given the price difference. I'm not looking for anyone to hate on NCL but very interested in real experiences and comparisons. :)
  7. "all inclusive" is misleading...it doesn't even include unlimited bottles of water. seriously? I don't get that alcohol is unlimited and water isn't. The package seems worth it only if you're in the haven or a very expensive cabin and the 10% amounts to a significant savings. We're booked in the haven on the Escape inaugural transatlantic where the 10% amounts to $900...we'll see what the cost is for this package on that cruise. Does anyone know how this will be priced for cruises over 7 days?
  8. Thanks! It's helpful to know all of the balconies are identical.
  9. In the end I bet this is more about safety than passenger comfort. As a previous poster said it caused a fire on a cruise ship before. I just got off the Getaway last Saturday and witnessed someone on a balcony below me throwing cigs off their balcony multiple times. Sad but true and ruins it for the rest of us. I'm a smoker and enjoy a cigarette on my balcony but would never ever throw one off the balcony. We're booked on the Star Panama Canal for our honeymoon in January and are on the fence about whether to cancel due to the new rule. Before the change we had decided on the cruise but we'll have to re-evaluate now. Our other option is a private island resort in Vietnam where we've been before...and smoking is definitely welcome there.
  10. I know I can't be the first one to ask this question but I've searched far and wide on here and can't find an answer. I'm looking to book an aft balcony (B1) on the sky and want to know which deck has the largest balcony. Or are they all the same? I read about the noise issues on deck 10 but other than that not much information on the best deck to choose. Thanks in advance!
  11. As you can see on my profile I've cruised all major cruise lines other than RCL. I'm at the point now where I'm addicted to the Haven suites NCL offers and no other cruise lines can compare to. It's good in that I know what I like but also limits my options. Are others in the same boat? Am I crazy thinking NCL is way cooler than other lines because you can get an exclusive suite experience but also party with 4k people when you so choose? :cool: I was first in the 'haven' when it was called the courtyard villa in 2006 and have been addicted every since. No other lines compare to the service you get.
  12. Thanks for the input. I'm definitely a foodie and for us portion sizes aren't an issue...I love to taste but not stuff myself and also love seafood. Sounds like even with that we should stick to our normal favorites like Le Bistro. Any other input is welcome! Really I'd like someone to convince me that it's worth the money because I love trying new things.
  13. As others have posted ncl is offering a discount at ocean blue if booked in advance ($37 vs $50 pp). We're cruising on the getaway in a few weeks and trying to decide if its worth it. We're planning to primarily dine in the haven restaurant and do le bistro and cagneys once. Thoughts on ocean blue vs haven and the other specialty restaurants all of which are cheaper?
  14. I bought the UBP on the Epic 2/13 so it's been around for at least that long. At the time I don't think it was available on all ships though.
  15. I'm still getting the UBP with the price increase but please please please stop making us sign every single time we get a drink. Do other cruise lines do this?
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