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  1. My wife is getting her vaccine in another week. She's a nurse at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital. Wonder how long it will be before the rest of the family can get it.
  2. We are also booked for the Alaska Cruise on June 8th. I agree with the 50/50 chance especially when you have a third of the population saying the aren't going to get vaccinated when the vaccine is available. Way too many people around here still not wearing masks.
  3. We have a France river cruise scheduled in November. I'm thinking that there's a good chance it's going to get cancelled. We live in Arizona and chances of flying into Europe are getting slimmer for this year. American Airlines has already cancelled direct flights from Phoenix to London until next year. Hopefully, things will be better for the Alaskan cruise in June. Jim
  4. I discovered the noodle bar after a few days as well as the sushi. I hit both every night when we were at the World Cafe. Jim
  5. We used Addison Lee a couple times when we were in London last year. The price was quite reasonable. Jim
  6. I have seen the same thing out here in Arizona with the lack of social distancing. Very few people wearing masks. People act like the pandemic is over just because they opened up a few things. Jim
  7. Just_dont, your memory serves you right! I adjusted our floor multiple times. Jim
  8. When we were in Dublin this past summer, they had regular shuttles going into town. You could leave the tour and come back later on one of the shuttles. You just needed to let you tour guide know that you were coming back on a later shuttle. Jim
  9. We did this cruise back in July and loved the whole cruise! Jim
  10. I didn't realize they had that station opposite the Aquavit Bar for almost a week on our cruise. I hit it every night after that! Jim
  11. I did a couple circuit classes on Viking Jupiter back in July. One of the classes I was the only one to show up. The other one we had 6 people sweating! Jim
  12. The sushi was amazing on Jupiter. I had it every night we ate there. Jim
  13. They did have shuttles available. The traffic in Dublin was crazy though. Took forever to get anywhere. Jim
  14. We hit Fiippis Pizza Grotto in Little Italy the weekend before Thanksgiving. That was a lot of great food for the money. Plus the table next to me gave us a carafe of wine they couldn't finish. It was a good time!
  15. I gained 11 pounds on a 2 week cruise plus a couple days in England at the end. They put on a brunch like that on Viking Jupiter. Another couple we met on the cruise said that it was the best brunch out of 28 prior cruises they did! Jim
  16. Vicki was on our British Isles cruise back in July. We loved her port talks plus the other shows she was in. Jim
  17. We over the boats on deck 4 on our last cruise and did get noise early in the morning in the ports they used the tenders. We made sure on our next cruise to not be over them! Jim
  18. Yep, that is the cruise we are on. We already signed up for the Meet & Greet. Next year we are doing a southern France River Cruise in November. My wife didn't want to do the roller coaster vacation I'm doing with my 21 & 25 year old kids in May/June next year but wanted to do a river cruise instead. Jim
  19. Moatenote, we were on the same British Isles cruise with you! I think you are booked for the same Alaskan Cruise in June, 2021. Jim
  20. I just remembered that we could dim the lights in the cabin but not the ones under the bathroom sink. They were on a switch on the closet side of the bed. Jim
  21. I found all the lectures quite good on the Viking Jupiter back in July. They had a variety of topics that were quite informative. We did have an astronaut on our ship that was sick at the beginning of the cruise. He was a little shaky on his talks although the information was great. I spoke to him at Spacefest in Tuscon, Arizona a couple weeks after the cruise and he told me it was the first time he had ever did talks like this so he was nervous. Jim
  22. I don't remember the dimmers on Viking Jupiter. I did like to have the lights on in the bathroom under the sink at night but the light in the hallway outside the bathroom was really bright. My room attendant covered up the light in the hall for us! Jim
  23. Russell Lee was on our British Isles cruise in late July. We really enjoyed his talks and especially the Beatles talk while we were docked in Liverpool. He found out that I'm a musician so we gabbed quite a bit about music. Jim
  24. We were a victim of lost luggage on our last cruise. Our friends wanted to go The Restaurant the first night. I felt weird as I only had a T-shirt and jeans that I had been wearing for a couple days as we missed a connecting flight and arrived at the ship a day late. We went to the World Cafe the next couple days until our luggage arrived. Luckily my wife's friend had a nice blouse for her to wear. Jim
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