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  1. Do a generic search, then filter by ship, then scroll down to your cruise. It should be there There are some issues with their site if you try to search for Date/Departure Ports atm
  2. The details of the promotion are mentioned in the OP of the thread you are posting in, with a link to the details on X’s website It can take a couple of days-weeks for fully correct invoice (listing all the perks, including the Premium Beverage Package for this deal) to be ready If you are concerned, call them (your TA or X) and have them email you what exactly you are getting
  3. Why $25+pppd? And not $14+ or $18.33+? Seems like a very easy chargeback, if it ever had to come to that (plenty of steps before that near last resort), if a cruise company want to charge more than the invoiced amount at the time of booking (where the invoice included everything that you had booked)
  4. Presumably they have done the math on it and it’s highly beneficial for them. Same as airlines selling fully refundable fares (which they will refund even after the plane has taken off if you are not on it). Airlines charge a huge amount (7-10x more) for these tickets over the base fares (non refundable, non changeable etc). Hotels also do the same thing, with customers often being able to save 25%-50% with an advanced (non refundable, non changeable etc) booking Not looked at too many cruises compared to flights/hotels, but fully refundable (and only up until final payment date, not an hour before or a few days after) cruise fares seem to be 25-33% higher than non refundable. Plus they still have weeks-months to sell that cabin, and depending on how well the ship is filling, they might even get more for it than previously
  5. $14pppd is just for a classic beverage package. Not for premium beverage package. The 4 perks that come as part of the Veterans Day sale is the premium beverage package
  6. This might well be it. I was told when booking a TP that had prepaid gratuities as one of the perks, that it will show up on the invoice as being needed to be paid, but will be removed on final payment
  7. You forfeit $200 of the $900. You then get to use the remaining $700 for an X cruise within the next year. Unsure if the cruise needs to be booked within 12 months or the cruise needs to be taken within 12 months
  8. One can near always book a refundable cruise and add 4 perks, for extra $$$, to the price This sale is where 4 perks are included in a non-refundable rate It should not really be that confusing
  9. Try Celebrity Edge on the 1st March - 7 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE See if that prices for you with 4 perks. That one (and many others) work for me. But any of the TAtlantic/TPs do not work
  10. Real companies do not use hotmail addresses
  11. OP, call up Celebrity. Forget about your current booking. Don’t mention it at all. Follow the steps to make a new booking. Tell them that you see that they have a nice sale, with all 4 perks included. Tell them that you want to book a particular cruise. Give the details of the cruise you want (11 NIGHT ULTIMATE CARIBBEAN CRUISE on Reflection on whatever date it is). Don’t mention your current booking. No need to mention your full name or captains club number etc. Ask them to price out the same itinerary you currently have (AQ, etc). See what the price is they give you. Report it back here. Forget their online site pricing don’t mention it to them, it’s useless for your reservation attempt, same as for TPs it appears. Forget you have a booking currently
  12. There is a lot of misinformation in this thread, which doesn’t help OP or others who are in this situation NRD does not mean “absolutely no change allowed after booking. Not even if you are willing to pay more for an upgrade” There is literally a sale on now on the Celebrity Cruises website. All 4 perks included on a lot of sailings in 2020 - Veterans Day Sale. While betting is most likely against the rules here, please lmk how much you would like to lose It is only available for NRD bookings For the cruises that it currently works for (a lot seem to be broken) it shows the following on the summary page before entering passenger etc details Before you get to this information, you are presented with 2 types of booking, one of which is similar to The Canadian site can show the above summary with the following information OP should be able to dismiss any of the nonsensical replies/information they get from Celebrity regarding this offer to hopefully get what was displayed (it’s hardly an error price, OP would “only” be saving about 10% of the price they originally booked). However some of the replies ITT are not helping him/her
  13. You held a reservation at the lower price, correct? If they decide to not honor the screenshots, then just book the held one and forfeit your $50 deposit on the original booking
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