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  1. Nice Thanks!!! we are also:D sailing soon !!! polarismom
  2. HI we always leave the water wrapped tight and put it in a large roller duffel this way we have the large duffel to throw things in on the last morning. Enjoy !!:D polarismom
  3. HI there, I was just making a reservation for july on the EOS and i was asked if we would like to celabrate a birthday on the last day call RCCL and ask them to set it up and just go to the dinning room and double check your request, should be no problem :D ENJOY!!!
  4. Is this a joke??? 2 people 7 days 1 suitcase??????:eek: I am the mother of 4 you dont want to know how many we take, but I would think 2 would give you room for stuff you get along the way and dont forget you need to keep something with you for your last night 1 can go in the hall and one small roller you can keep with you. have a great trip :D and remember more is better:D polarismom of 4
  5. Don't do it!! you'll be sorry.:p they will come looking for you:p
  6. [quote name='mustangjoe']Time to get the popcorn!![/QUOTE] I turning on the grill:D how many r we for dinner drinks anyone :D
  7. HI you ask me this is where RC drops the ball there is a large group traveling with their parents and there is really nothing for them to do at night Casino ok really the best choice IMO.. between 18 -20 (you remember) hard to find some place to hang out we have always brought a friend for my son during those years A space for this age group would b great if you dont want them circling the decks at night give them a space even a small one. My big guy will be 21 this year still bring a friend but he will be welcome everywhere. Have a great time !! Polaris mom of 4
  8. we have done this with young teens, we also have taken a baby monitor and it worked like a charm we could hear everything.. good and the bad LOL ;) enjoy your trip polarismom of 4
  9. i took out the popcorn many pages ago!! sit back and enjoy all this AGAIN!!
  10. Ditto well put!! as the mother of 4 and they are the best travelers a 6 month old has needs you may just not be able to care for in a strange place and with all those people and germs never in a million years. good luck enjoy your newborn they grow fast you will have many vacations to come let that baby get strong and healthy before you expose them to all that. polarismom of 4
  11. Go right to the Explorer and start your vacation you will be on the ship in no time don't waste it in Bayonne. Polarismom of 4 (from NJ)
  12. Bravo I could not have said it better Go for it enjoy!!!
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