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  1. Very much agree with this. We've been burned in the past with expensive mattress purchases only to put them on inadequate frames and box springs. Sagging was pretty immediate. About 4 years ago we purchased a similar frame to the one you linked and rolled the dice on a $750 memory foam mattress that arrived rolled up in a box that we never tested prior to purchase. Everything has held up perfectly and we no longer see the need to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress that fails us after 2 years.
  2. I'm on the same sailing. While I haven't bid, the option to do so is still available to me.
  3. +1. Our May 2020 sailing has additional OBC offered by Celebrity due to a number of issues that occurred when the reservation was transferred to our TA. It'd be great if it weren't forfeited but I'm not optimistic.
  4. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5097/
  5. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html
  6. As long as they don't remove the footst... Eh. Never mind.
  7. September 2, 2019 With our sailing decision made, we called X to make the reservation. As Hurricane Dorian created a state of emergency in Florida the Miami(?) call center was closed and we were transferred to a Resolution Specialist located in Wichita, KS. The agent we spoke with was amazing which makes sense as their job is to make the likes of us happy, or less mad depending on the situation. Going into the call we were prepared with a stateroom already picked out. Even with no cruising experience and limited knowledge on the subject it doesn't require a rocket scientist to know
  8. My better half is always giving me a pat on the butt.
  9. September 1, 2019 With our shortlist settled we used this lazy Sunday to view a STUPID amount of cruising-related videos on YouTube. I pulled up my YouTube watch history and counted no less than 50 videos viewed this day. Some videos stood out, others left much to be desired. Video production values aside, we were able to glean a lot of information provided by these moving pictures that the written word cannot capture. We're visual learners and while we have discovered Cruise Critic by this time, we hadn't created accounts for this site yet and had only performed a cursory examina
  10. Welcome back! I really shouldn't write at the end of a long work day. I tend to make errors such as listing the wrong year of time travel in the above posts. Anything "2020" should have been "2019". Oh well, back to it. August 31, 2019 Extensive research commenced on a cruse line and ship. We entered this experiment with almost no knowledge of cruising past rumors, anecdotal evidence, and hearsay ie; Carnival is a party line, cruising is stuffy and for old people, ships are cesspools of germs and filth, et al. Our approach in choosing a line might be unique in that our search
  11. ~August 28, 2020: Sigh, “It’s time to make the donuts” so more work, more save. And now for an intermission. More history will be shared in the coming days as we're just about to share the experience of researching and booking of our first cruise.
  12. ~August 27, 2020: Inner monologue – “We need to go on a vacation and could use some time to unplug from ‘life.’ I should look into a cruise again.”
  13. ~August 2011 through ~August 26th, 2020: Work work work work work. Save save save save save.
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