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  1. I am located in TN. I have had several doctor appointments along with xrays over the past 2 weeks and I was only asked if I have had any of the symptoms in the past 2 weeks. No question of any type of traveling recently.
  2. We had our cruise on March 30th cancelled, wanted to rebook with the FCC in mind. We wanted the Armonia but didn't like her itinerary out of Tampa. So after consulting with our TA we booked the repositioning cruise on November 1 of this year. We were able to book with minimal deposit. She talked to MSC and they told her we could use our FCC towards payment of this cruise. We will owe more out of pocket. Still waiting for the FCC but understand it will be probably be the end of May before we see it. Our final payment is due in August. I am fearful that the November cruise will get cance
  3. Wonder what will happen if we use our FCC and that cruise gets cancelled. Would hope that the FCC is still usable within their original guidelines. Our March 30th cruise was cancelled, however, we booked the Armonia repositioning cruise on November 1st. I am keeping fingers crossed that this cruise will be a go at that point, but one never knows with what is going on.
  4. My husband and I are still planning to go on our Armonia cruise on March 30th. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.
  5. Thank you! We are on starboard side in March so hopefully the weather is favorable! We have a suite with a balcony and thinking it will be nice to watch the light show from our balcony.
  6. Which side of the ship did she dock on? You mentioned being able to watch from your balcony. Thank you in advance.
  7. We are cruising March 30th on the Armonia. We have a balcony suite with the Aurea experience. I am looking for clarification as to whether a bracelet is given to you to use rather than the cruise card. I realize the card is needed to get on and off the ship in ports but I thought I read somewhere that the option of the bracelet is available rather than carrying a card on a lanyard. Any clarification is greatly appreciated.
  8. What is your sailing date in March? We sail the 30th.
  9. Following up on my question posted earlier: I did contact MSC after waiting 2 weeks and they were able to locate my submission. He was able to tell me that our IHG Spire status matched to their Gold status. He said it would take a few days and I should get an email confirmation. Once I get the confirmation number I am to call them to have them attach that to my account. I have yet to receive the email confirmation and it has been 5 days. Going to call on Monday to see what is going on. I do have a reference number from our conversation so hopefully it should be help locating the informa
  10. First time cruiser aboard MSC and have a question in regards to outlets in the cabins. We have a balcony suite booked and am curious as to whether or not there are plenty of outlets in the cabin to charge electronic devices. Does MSC allow passengers to bring power strips or an extension cord? Thank you in advance.
  11. Thank you for your reply. He is retired military so we were able to receive the 10% discount. And since we have the Aurea experience the priority boarding will already take place. Unfortunately the Armonia does not have a specialty restaurant so we won't get any type of that benefit. However, we will be happy with whatever extras we receive! I assume I will just need to sign myself up with their Voyagers Club.
  12. Question for the group - just booked a cruise on the Armonia for March 2020. I signed my husband up for the loyalty match as he has Spire status with IHG. I do not have anything to match with. Our travel agent told me that his status would apply to our cabin which would include me. Does this ring true? We are getting the Aurea experience so I will at least reap the benefits of that package. Thank you in advance.
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