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  1. The first one we got was broken. The 2nd was pretty beat-up, but useable. Bring your own fitted sheets too, they just give a folded up regular sheet, which of course never fits well. I don't think you are differentiating between a tip specifically for the baby, and tipping at all. we still paid gratuity for us, just not the extra amount they wanted to charge for the baby ($14.50 per day). If you want to provide extra cause you're a slob, or asked the stewart to change diapers or whatever, then go nuts, but in general a baby should not be asked to t
  2. I don't understand what you mean at all...how is a baby more work for the staff? For the parents certainly, but not the workers...total opposite in fact. They don't eat or drink anything (or barely anything if they're a toddler), they sleep half the day, and you've got to be kidding me that diapers are any work for anyone other than the parents! CAN'T swim in the pool, or use 99% of the facilities, can't order drinks, use the climbing wall, etc. Other than offering a few extra smiles, the staff on our last cruise did next to nothing to 'care' for our baby, nor wou
  3. Bring your own pack & play + sheets if possible, or at the very least, your own fitted sheets. Bring a foldable stroller and request 'assisted' or 'priority' service for getting on and off...they may let you use the elevator and get on/off at deck 1, instead of having to go up and down the 4-5 storey gangplanks. And Watch they don't charge you gratuity for the baby!!!
  4. You missed my point completely. The captain makes the most money because he has the hardest job, not in physical work, but in RESPONSIBILITY. That doesn't mean he didn't start out as a towel boy, in fact, I can guarantee you at some point the captain worked some kind of grunt position / start up job that had no responsibility, but lots of hard (physical) work. I don't feel bad for the laundry boy or other low paid workers...they have the same opportunities every other person has to better themselves. Except, but automatically paying them tips regardless of their actual s
  5. Gee, it's just all about YOU, isn't it? Gotta make sure the little people remember YOU, have YOUR drink ready, fawn all over YOU. Newsflash! It's nothing to do with YOU, and all about your MONEY!! And someday, the money runs out, and then see how much anyone remembers. I'd much rather have made an actual connection with someone than remember some loudmouth throwing around cash.
  6. I think you've put it perfectly. 'Fundamentalist Tippers' is what I'd call them!
  7. No, they aren't. If they were working the hardest, they'd be making the MOST money, not the least. Simple supply and demand. Are you saying the chief engineer doesn't work hard? What about the sous chef? They don't have to deal face-to-face with us annoying cruisers, so that should make their job a bit easier, right? Perhaps the captain slaved for 10 years as a towel boy working 16 hour days before getting promoted to captain...just because he isn't working that hard now, does he deserve less compensation? He sure has a lot of responsibility, even if it doesn't seem as if
  8. You proved my point exactly. If you're giving them money because you think it 'could make a huge difference to that person' that's charity!! If you can afford it, why not give them $300? or $500? or put their poor kid thru college? Yeah, didn't think so. It shouldn't matter who the person is, where you are, or what the job title is, all that matters is how they did that job, and how much you want to pay in tip for that service. You let emotion enter into what is a purely economical equation, and that's wrong.
  9. Exactly as it should be...pay gratuities based on the service received, don't join the sheeple and contribute because you feel sorry for workers. That's just charity. Many posters here don't know the difference.
  10. Not that it needs to be 'justified', but port days / excursions are a good example, also cold days when not using pool, buffet dining vs. MDR, nights when skipping the show and just reading in a chair, getting own drinks vs. asking servers for coffee, etc. There's a million examples, each person uses the services differently and can vary their gratuity accordingly. Even with the room steward, we leave our do not disturb up probably 1/3 of the time to minimize the 'make-work' stuff they would normally do (we don't always need turn down service or towel animals, thanks).
  11. If it "makes so much sense", why hasn't the restaurant and hospitality industry changed then?? How come literally every service restaurant we go to has no automatic tipping? Because it doesn't make sense. It will mean higher costs, and lower service quality, and NO incentive for workers to do anything but average jobs (or worse!)
  12. 'snaefell', I agree with you, tip whatever YOU think is fair. brillohead: what's unconscionable is not knowing the difference between 'salary' and 'gratuity'. Both are earned, but only one is dependant on the service received!
  13. UNTRUE. This is total conjecture and not supported by even rudimentary math.
  14. Yes, definitely. We adjust our gratuity proportionally to the services used (down and up).
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