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  1. Contact guest services using DCL's online form or email: dcl.guest.communications@disneycruise.com I've used both and they're very responsive.
  2. I also experienced a price drop after PIF. I called Expedia to inquire about OBC. Expedia reached out to NCL and the cruiseline gave me approx 25% of the price drop in OBC. I did also ask for room upgrade, but that was a no-go. I didn't think it would work, but tried anyway. NCL stated that if I didn't accept what they were offering, I could try my luck again. If I did accept the offer, I could not ask for any additional OBC for price drops. Expedia agent recommended taking the OBC.
  3. What I left out and what I should have said before was that I booked my cruise through Expedia. I normally us a TA for DCL, but thought I can surely do this via Expedia and be ok. Let's just say I won't do that again. $200 OBC by Expedia isn't worth it. I called Expedia today and explained the situation. The person I spoke with looked at my record in NCL and it showed that I had paid the correct amount of gratuities for the cruise. I paid the regular service charge and the additional charges for the free at sea promotions. She made me believe the reason for the different price on NCL was that I did it directly through NCL instead of paying through Expedia. My Expedia account was updated to reflect the service charge and she assured that I had paid everything in full. Neither NCL nor Expedia could give me the exact reason that NCL was showing only $180 for service fees.
  4. Maybe it's on the perks. The perks I received were dining credit, adult beverage pkg, shore excursions, and internet. I booked early July for a Thanksgiving week (of this year) cruise. All the promos are still listed in my reservation.
  5. I'm new to NCL. My only cruising experience is DCL, so I'm not sure what's going on with the NCL service charges when the amount has changed. I tried do a search for this, but I'm not sure I'm using the correct terminology. I pre-paid the service charge for a 4-night on the Sun in November for 3 people. The total I was charged and what was showing up on my summary was $246. This is the charge also posted to my credit card. I checked again yesterday and the service charge (which states I already pre-paid) is now $180. Should I receive a refund from NCL for the $66 or is the price really supposed to be $246 and the issue is with their system? Thanks for your help.
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