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  1. We do this cruise in a few weeks so was happy to see this post. Your videos are fun and you have some great photos. We also have a whale watching trip booked thru pacwhale. You say that if you did a whale watching trip like this again you'd want to do it on a smaller ship. what is the reason for this? as it looks like you had some really fantastic whale photos too.
  2. Personally we like to do our own excursions rather than ship excursions, but we always make sure we leave enough of a time buffer. It's not worth the risk of having the ship sail without you.
  3. I agree that keeping old trivia sheets and learning / remembering the answers isn't cheating. However, if you're saying that it's ok to look at a "binder" full of old answers during a trivia is ok, if the person running the quiz didn't specifically state that written material is not allowed - then I'm affraid you're part of the problem!
  4. I particularly like #1 And also, if someone is caught cheating then they should have their photo taken with a sign around their neck saying 'I cheated at Trivia". Just like people do when they photo shame their pets! The photo should be put on the wall at the trivia venue until the end of the cruise 😉
  5. Well I'm glad that most people (if not all) agree that this cheating behavior is strange and rude. I really don't understand it at all - especially for such poor prizes! I was a little worried that I was over-reacting about something that I was not that bothered about winning anyway, but I've just always believed that if you can't win something without cheating then what is the point! Unfortunately it does seem like it was not a one-time thing and a few people have experienced it in one way or another. I really wish I could name and shame the people who did it on our cruise but I d
  6. That was the word I was looking for! A binder full of old quiz papers - I said a book but I know what I meant! I wonder if it was the same people.
  7. I really agree with your last statement - sad but true! If someone wins fairly I'll happily congratulate them but i don't like cheats! So do you think that the cruise staff use the same questions too often. I suppose if they are using the same 20 questions and not mixing them up then it makes it easy for our 'cheaters' especially - if they can find the right sheet in their little book!
  8. Hello, I'm new to this website and quite new to cruising in gerenal. My husband and I have done 3 Carnival cruises over the last 2 years and did our first on Princess earlier this year. While we thoroughly enjoyed the Princess cruise we did come across one thing that we never saw on our Carnival cruises. Let me start by saying that we are not Trivia experts and do not take it seriously, but we do really enjoy meeting people, having a drink and having a good time while answering the questions. We didn't ever win any of the quizzes on Carnival but had a great time meeting people. There were usu
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