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  1. Thanks so much for your input. Do people normally bring soaps and shampoos or does the boat provide that? It's like pulling teeth trying to find some of this info on their site
  2. Ok. So on the way back, since I'm not flying out of Miami, I should just carry my suitcase off the ship?
  3. Most prices I was looking at were around the $40-$60 range one way, while the cruise lines was $50 total (unless I was missing something). And this Roll Call I've been seeing, is that put on by the cruise line or is it organized by members of this community independently? Thanks Bill and everyone else.
  4. In the airport terminal? We are flying into Ft Lauderdale and taking the NCL transport service to Miami where we will depart, will they hand me my luggage or I'll meet with it at the bus prior to departing back to the airport? I'm assuming the Freestyle Daily is a pamphlet of information, I think I saw a picture of one on this forum. Thanks again everyone for all the tips and help!!!
  5. And where exactly would I find that information? I tried looking on ncl but their website isn't that straight forward.
  6. Really appreciate the detailed reply, especially the towel part. I was going to pack my own. And I would not have even thought of the water bottle, even after reading how much bottles seem to be on the ship. Can you get regular tap water or is all water charged?
  7. Hey everyone, first of all just wanted to say finding this site has been great. I found a lot of information regarding dining / beverage and travel! But really I'm just looking for some little tips and tricks while aboard (or prior) to enhance the experience a little bit, and what to pack (obviously bathing suit, sunscreen, long pants for dinner) that might not be something a first time cruiser would know to bring (I saw a thread where someone mentioned straws LOL). Anyway, my girlfriend and I will be on the Norwegian Sky sailing out of Miami to the Bahamas on the 3rd of October, we are both super excited. We got the included beverage package for liquor and one free dinner (we chose Cagneys). Thanks in advance everyone!
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