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  1. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. I was going to be doing some Snaps for our adult daughters who wish they were cruising with us. I'll be sure not to do the gangway.
  2. Yes! Those are nice and low to the water. We were in one on Carnival Dream during Hurricane Sandy and they closed our balcony off when it started getting really rough.
  3. Great to hear! We also plan on upgrading to the Premium Plus package. This will be our second time sailing with MSC in YC. Our first was January 2019 on Seaside. This cruise was actually supposed to be on Seaside, but somewhere a long the way with cancellations and re-bookings, our itinerary and then ship changed. We were actually a little disappointed that we weren't going on Seaside again, but now really looking forward to Meraviglia. Excited to be sailing on a new ship.
  4. We're boarding on the 16th, also in YC. Can't wait! Have a great week. Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the review. Sailing next week on Mera in YC and can't wait.
  6. The website says testing site is open 24 hours with no appointment necessary.
  7. Just got yet another e-ticket from MSC for our cruise sailing next week. The one we got a few days ago (our second or third) had an updated boarding time. The one I got today has the same (most current) boarding time. Nothing else appears to have changed, but I'd hate to have missed it. Anyone else getting duplicates?
  8. I take Bonine. If the Dramamine and a bracelet didn't work, maybe she should try the patch. I've never used one, but I've seen plenty of cruisers wearing them.
  9. I always take it starting the day before we cruise, then at bedtime every day. I don't even know if I need it. Legend has it that I got very seasick once on our way to Mackanac Island when I was a young child.
  10. Always that chance, yeah. Basically living like hermits right now. Empty nesters.
  11. https://news.miami-airport.com/covid-19-testing-available-daily-at-mia-starting-may-21/
  12. Done the research, completely aware of testing in hotel room. Just did a free test at Walgreens a week ago, so yeah, know about those too. Haven't traveled since January 2019. Willing to pay for the convenience of grabbing our suitcases at MIA, getting tested right there in baggage claim, and getting into the Uber to hotel knowing we're good to go and enjoy our time in Miami.
  13. Correct. We figured easy enough to test at the airport when we arrive on Thursday, then once we have our negative results (fingers crossed), we'll be able to enjoy our time in Miami pre-cruise worry free.
  14. Sailing on a Saturday, testing on Thursday.
  15. Is RC accepting testing done at MIA airport? There's no appointment necessary testing, open 24 hours, located in the baggage claim area. Has anyone used it?
  16. Anyone tested at MIA near baggage claim? How was your experience? I called the facility the other day and was told no appointment necessary. Open 24 hours. Rapid antigen $79/pp. We're sailing next week on MSC Meraviglia. Thought it would be nice to fly in 2 days before we sail this time, but that was back when they were accepting 3 day testing. No rental car this time, so testing at the airport seems like the best option for us.
  17. Yes, and with a seat at the back of the shower. Also, rain shower and hand held. (On Mera in 2 weeks, and while it looks like the shower in the YC1 is identical, it doesn't appear to have the seat. First world problems, I know.)
  18. I've noticed in recent pictures that it looks like the barstools have been removed or blocked off, probably due to COVID. My husband loves sitting at the bar and chatting with the bartenders. Does anyone know if that's possible now? We'll be on Meraviglia in 2 weeks.
  19. DOH! You were on Divina and I'm thinking Meraviglia.
  20. The ONLY specialty restaurant open the entire week was Butcher's Cut? Hasn't Eatily been changed into a Taco restaurant, or am I thinking of a different ship? I've seen some recent photos of dinners in Butcher's Cut, and they honestly didn't look that great.
  21. We sailed in the YC on our last cruise. My husband did wear a suit, but he was one of the few. For our cruise next month, he's bringing Dockers and a nice button down shirt. We're also trying to bring less luggage.
  22. Thank you. I called the one in concourse E yesterday. Their long recorded message said that a rapid antigen is $79.
  23. Great!!! Thank you! We're flying in on Thursday before cruise departs on Saturday. Had planned on testing here at home the day before leaving, but then everything changed. We leave for the airport at 8am and didn't want to change our flights again. Testing at the airport seems like the best way to go now. Your reply has really taken a load off stress wise. 😊
  24. Are we 100% sure that MSC accepts testing done at the MIA testing site? This is our plan now since they changed it from 3 days to 2. I'd feel better hearing from someone who tested there and was allowed to board the ship. (I called the testing site yesterday, but the woman I spoke with didn't know.)
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