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  1. Thanks! so am I not getting refund of my entire Air2Sea booking which was supposed to be refunded?
  2. Hello, I have booked few cruises this month and next month. I just got off from the Allure of the Seas in Barcelona. My following cruise in Dubai got cancelled and due to the current global situation I decided to come home. I couldn't find any good and cheap flights so I called RCL and they helped me to book a flight last minute. The agent on the phone couldn't tell how much, but told me that I don't have to pay anything extra. It will be deducted from my Air2Sea booking from my next cruise next week which was cancelled. Today I checked in the flight online and saw the invoice. It
  3. I had some issues switching devices. A simple trick was going to the browser and go to the following pages: logout.com logmein.com
  4. 6 hrs of Zoom mtgs a day...You are my hero 🙂 I am on Allure of the Seas right now and today was my first day working remotely on cruise. My first zoom meeting went ok because internet cut off whenever the room door close and open. Do you usually work in public area? Any outlets?
  5. I called Royal Caribbean and they applied Onboard Credit for Next Cruise. I guess I need to find a better travel agent then costco 😛
  6. Hello, I am asking for future booking. I booked my cruise from Next Cruise on the ship last year, but didn't get my $50 OBC. The agent is telling me that it's gone because I booked a new cruise with lower fare, but Next Cruise told me that I can change my reservation in 2 months. Shouldn't I keep the OBC if I changed less than 2 months of the original booking from Next Cruise? Also, is Next Cruise OBC stack-able with stakeholder benefit and AMEX Platinum cruise OBC?
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