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  1. Enjoying your review! We were also on the Encore at the same time as you. We enjoyed the Observation Lounge quite a bit, as well, especially my teenage daughter. Great place for an afternoon snack or light breakfast in the early morning (the best time, IMO).
  2. Thanks for sharing this -- my family is looking to try this in reverse (FLL to MIA precruise) for our trip. Did you check any baggage and did it cost you anything?
  3. Thank you so much for sharing the pics and for the awesome review! Am I correct in understanding that there is no dance floor in Manhattan on the Encore?
  4. Thank you so much for sharing all of these fantastic pictures & helpful information. Really enjoying this thread!
  5. Thank you so much for sharing all of these great pictures. I love your review. (Love that your children are getting schoolwork done, too -- fellow homeschool here, as well. 😀)
  6. Fantastic pictures! Thank you so much for sharing.
  7. May I ask you - does the separator between the balconies on the aft open? I have read that NCL doesn't like them open when one is at sea, but will allow it when at a port. Seeing the difference in size of the aft balcony makes me consider upgrading, but I have 2 rooms and those aft staterooms aren't adjoining (which I would like). BTW, I really love your pics on your blog.
  8. Wow, you answered that quickly - thanks so much!
  9. Thank you SO much for sharing pictures and answering questions. I'm new to this forum (and to NCL), so it's making me excited for my trip in December! May I ask a question? Have you seen mini-golf and the mini bowling lanes on this ship? Thanks in advance!
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