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  1. Very well said, I couldn't agree with you more. I will cruise when the pandemic is declared to be over, is allowed by the CDC and our government officials confirm it is safe to do so. Unfortunately I believe we are not there yet, as anxious as we all are to get back on the high seas.
  2. So if we are all supposed to use our Future Cruise Credits by May 2022. Where does this leave us now??
  3. I want to know how many power up points you will get if you volunteer, any volunteers should automatically become zenith captains club members..
  4. Can't seem to get the right answers, can someone please post the correct answers so we can get our points Thanks
  5. I will be on the first sailing, time to get back on the high seas..
  6. I guess we could all stay in our rooms as well and enjoy our balconies if we have one, the future of cruising until the pandemic ends looks rather bleak to me, cruising at this time sounds like serving a week in prison only with better food.
  7. Save lives and wear the darn mask people..
  8. If this keeps up I will be Elite Plus before my next cruise.
  9. I thought the virus was supposed to go away in the summer and come back in the fall. So many states getting 4000 plus cases a day now with no end in site, I hate to see what it will be like in the fall. Then add to this the regular flu and noro etc. At this rate I cannot see sailings for at least another year from now and Celebrity just sent me an email asking for final payment on a Sept. cruise.
  10. What will happen to Pullmantur FCC will they be valid on Royal?
  11. Is Port of Southampton open for cruise ships yet? Any idea when it will be open?
  12. How can we get back to cruising when the cases are increasing every day in Florida, Texas, Arizona etc. Just don't see cruising till at least early next year.
  13. I miss the $4000 dollars I now have tied up in a FCC due to cancellations from Covid and the cruise with "CON" fidence policy. If I have to use it by next year I may never see the money.
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