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  1. It appears they replaced Bingo with Deal or No Deal…very disappointing to me at first it seemed it was only on the Edge but it looks like they replaced Bingo on the rest of the fleet as well.
  2. Was looking at new sailings on the Edge for Australia for 2024… noticed that there are all these sky suite categories including aqua class sky suite, sunset sky suite and magic carpet sky suite…I would think they are just renaming S1 and S3..but what about the aqua class sky suites …are they just adding additional benefits for those suites and what would they be.
  3. Following along… Bon Voyage! We had a great time in a sky suite on the Edge in July and are booked again in February and September..
  4. Excited to follow another trip report..never thought of doing this type of itinerary but it looks interesting
  5. I am tempted to that as well…but I am not sure what date we want to fly home
  6. It looks like the PDF is outdated…all suites now include premium beverage package, streaming WIFI, tips and a $600 OBC. Loved sailing in a sky suite on the Edge.
  7. Following along..we were supposed to be on the Apex this month for our 25th anniversary on a 12 night Greek itinerary that was canceled..we decided to reschedule for next year on the Edge..enjoy your cruises..
  8. I was about to ask the same question..I drove my TA nuts getting all my cruises adjusted to the new fares..I would hate for him to have to cancel and rebook again but $1400 is a lot of money.
  9. That stinks…I guess I could cancel and rebook..it would save us another $1400 since we want to fly business class to Europe…
  10. Just saw the airfare sale…but confused…when I go into manage reservation and try to book flights there is no discount but when I try to book a new reservation and get an airline quote there is a big discount. Do I need to rebook the reservation in order to get the airfare discount. It is also strange that the flights are available since the cruise is on September 3rd and flights generally available at 11 months.
  11. That’s good news…I wonder if they will extend it again…we don’t sail until February..it made me more comfortable when we sailed in July with that policy in place..
  12. Following along…I don’t have the ABC Equinox sailing until 2/23 but have a couple of Edge sailings before that… Have a wonderful cruise 🚢
  13. On our bus to the beach in St Thomas our open air bus was quite full..no distancing at all….you do have to wear masks..but I was not thrilled when the person in front of me started coughing
  14. OP here…thanks for your replies…I have been going back and forth with my TA …he says you don’t keep it..but I always thought you did and I have for other cruises..have gone back to him again hopefully it gets resolved
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