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  1. Sorry, I should have made it clearer. We had got a taxi to our local airport on the morning of the flight, then had to get a taxi home, once we had found out we weren't flying that day. We then had to get another taxi the following day back to the airport, so are out of pocket for a return taxi journey in effect.
  2. Thank you for all your replies. The flight was with Easyjet, and we weren't given a reason for it's cancellation - it was only cancelled on the morning of the flight, as we had already checked in online. Thank you for this, that is what we had understood as well. We think we should be due the standard compensation for the cancellation, which is £230 each, but are unsure whether to press RCI for it or Easyjet, as the RCI T&C seem to suggest that if we claim it from Easyjet, we then have to pay it back to RCI, even though they're not offering us anything
  3. As it was booked as a complete package, out travel insurance say it's RCI responsibility to cover us (maybe that's different to the USA?)
  4. RCI choose the day and time of the flight. As we're in the UK, a 2 hour morning flight should had got us to the airport by 9am. As yet, we haven't received anything at all back
  5. Hi, Ive only just joined, but have been browsing these forums for weeks, and wanted some advice. So, me and my husband had a Baltic cruise booked on 10th August from Copenhagen. We booked flights and transfers through RCI, but the flights were cancelled. As a result we had to fly to the next port (Stockholm) the following day (Sunday), spend a night in a hotel and catch up with the boat on Day 3 (Monday). We missed 48 hours of the cruise, as the first day was a sea day. The cruise was only 8 nights long, and we missed the first 2 through no fault of ours. RCI paid for the flights to Stockholm, but we paid for an extra return trip home and back to the airport in the UK, transfers in Stockholm, the Stockholm hotel, plus food on the 2 nights we should have been onboard. What would people class as reasonable compensation for this from RCI, taking into account the stress this caused, as well as the inconvenience, in terms of refunds of costs, part of cruise costs etc Many thanks
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