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  1. No but my cruise is currently about 200GBP cheaper
  2. From the FAQ, it takes up to 7 days to get credit, knowing what their pricing structure is like then it could go wrong and the price goes up
  3. Has anyone cancelled and revoked on same cruise at a lower price using the credit
  4. So possibly I may have credit to use on a future cruise if cheaper?
  5. So, in theory, my price has dropped. I could cancel then rebook the same cruise with credit. What happens to the credit that I dont use?
  6. Hi all! Just a question. Both of the cruises we have been on have dropped in price totalling around 300GBP Now whilst we were happy in paying that price at booking I've seen that NCL sometimes offer onboard credit or room type upgrades? We booked and paid in full with a UK travel agent. Can we do anything with NCL by way of them doing something for us?
  7. Doubt they will give you a deal, but I'm not sure as enjoyable without the drink as its massive part of the show
  8. Hi all. Were on a Sky cruise in April which calls at GSC and Grand Bahama. Ive heard theres not loads to do in Grand Bahama so tempted to stay on board. I heard the spa does a special price for in port calls. Is this true and does anyone know how much?
  9. Do they do bag offers on 4 night cruises?
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