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  1. What a ludicrous and totally inaccurate statement. Corona has been in Italy for a grand total of only 2-3 weeks yet now 9000 have caught it and over 450 dead already. That is 5% but the real numbers could be higher as 7000+ are still active cases. The only reason that flu kills more is that it has had time to spread worldwide over hundreds of years.
  2. Our friends from Austria can not get off the ship in Noumea. Austria has 10 more cases than Australia.
  3. Most of this itinerary is to Fiji. I think they have Lifou and Mare which they will miss, but have picked up one extra stop in fiji. I have family on this one.
  4. Where will people board the ship it were to sail from brisbane?
  5. Sydney port bookings seem to suggest that 2022 is the year.
  6. What a ridiculous comment. Millions of people are exposed to influenza on a daily basis and 10000 dies in a year. This virus is mainly contained and the real death is rising rapidly in only a month. The mortality rate of this virus is running at 2% compared to 0.08 for influenza.
  7. A number of the small pacific islands are blocking cruise ship passengers. Many itineries changed for the ships sailing here from Australia.
  8. There is also bookings for an unnamed ship. At this stage late 2021 has Ovation,Voyager and unnamed ship.
  9. Not what I meant, you take 1 cruise a year you get to diamond eventually.
  10. I was on the same cruise and while not everything was perfect it was still wonderful. Maybe a little crowded at times but if you picked the right places fine. I never struggled to get a drink quickly and efficiently, cafe promenade was quick at all times (faster than my local coffee shop) and food was always delicious and hot in the MDR and served with a smile. The one thing that bugged me were the constant whinges and whines from the more experienced about every little thing. Trivia wass running a few minutes late and they were up in arms about how it was ruining their cruise. Activities held in the star lounge were ruining the atmosphere of the diamond overflow. For god sakes these people sit there drink nothing but water until happy hour comes and then go to town and complain that the company should respect those that have made them the money. They spend the least of all, and are just diamond because they are old enough. These same people write down every trivia answer and keep the sheets just in case the answers come up another time. Not going to comment on the windjammer as it is not my scene and only went there once briefly.
  11. I am currently on Voyager and the staff have been told they are heading to LA in 2021.
  12. People jump from planes, many people die in helicopter and small plane crashes every year. A man died snorkelling just last week in the caribbean.
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