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  1. No I believe there is a deck where the the rail is all metal and not glass.
  2. Which deck are the enclosed balconies on the Explorer?
  3. If I am a Diamond member and my cabin mate is not can they accompany me to the lounge?
  4. Do the balcony doors open on the Freedom class Freedom, Independence, Liberty?
  5. How many people did you have in 1404? I have two people and RC says will only book for 3 or more
  6. Two questions on FOS. Has anyone ever stayed in the decl 10 aft facing cabins and is noisy from the Windjammer above? Also do the balcony divider doors open?
  7. Does the Anthem of the Seas have the Tutti salad bar in the MDR fir lunch on sea days like ither ships do?
  8. Also can you use multiple devices but only one at a time for the single device price?
  9. Did I read somewhere that you can get single 24 hr periods of VOOM?
  10. Every time we have gone to Antigua we have gone to Valley Church Beach. I really like it but getting in and out of the water can be a challenge at times with the drop off. I have heard a lot about Dickenson Bay and also Beach Limerz. Looking for sandy bottom, calmer water, and ability to rent chairs etc and have bathrooms food and drink available. Suggestions??
  11. So are the three drinks good all day or only during the 5p-8p that the Diamond event is?
  12. First cruise as Diamond. Do I read it correct in that each Diamond member gets three drinks per day preloaded on their card to be used in any venue?
  13. You just ordered or did you ask before you did?
  14. That has always been my understanding too but it is nowhere in writing and after 30 cruises they don't seem to administer it uniform across the fleet. When was the last you did this and on what ship?
  15. Anyone on the Getaway use the dining package and what were you allowed to order?
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