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  1. Greetings fellow cruisers! Forgive me, its been a while since I have sailed with Carnival. Will be going on the Conquest in December. Every cruise I know that when I get on my first stop is to go to guest services to get tickets for upcoming events. But I can't seem to wrap my head around what I might need to get tickets for. There seems to be a lot of activities offered. What do you recommend? Do I need tickets for... Seuss breakfast? Afternoon tea? Wine tasting? What sells out? Thank you!
  2. Hello...still looking for advice on purchasing tickets. I have a LO who is 1. Where is the best place to catch a bus? Taxi to the aquarium? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for taking time to post a review! Your kids are adorable and I loved the story about the air guitar!!
  4. Those towel animals are a work of art! Bahahahahahahahahahaha!!! (I apologize if this is not the response you were looking for but they really made me LOL)
  5. And thank you for your post...your pictures actually convinced me to want to go to the aquarium!
  6. Hello! It doesn't appear that my ship has an excursion to the aquarium or it has already sold out. There is an excursion that basically looks like a bus ride that takes you to the aquarium/beach area but tickets are not included. That bus leaves at 0830. We are on the conquest 11/28 (in that port 12/2).
  7. I am interested in going to the sea aquarium. I don't see an option to purchase tickets online. The website states tickets are sold until 4. Just curious if anyone has had experience purchasing tickets day of and if there were any issues. I would hate to get there and they be sold out...
  8. Can anyone tell me how long this excursion takes? TIA!
  9. Not sure when your cruise is, but is there any type of amusement park or similiar that you can take her to before the cruise to get her not so scared? DD is currently scared of these too, but my tactic currently is to keep exposing her to them so she gets over it.
  10. Hi! I'm not sure when the first Disney Woner cruised out of LA (I belive it was January 2011), but I would be very interested to see reviews for the 7 night cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Obviously there was no stop in Mazatlan, but in general, was it a magical Disney experience? (We just booked our first DC for February 2012!)
  11. Going on the Carnival Miracle next week :D! anyone ever rented a stroller onboard before?
  12. Going on the Carnival Miracle next week :D! anyone ever rented a stroller onboard before?
  13. Hello, My DD will be just shy of 2 when we board the Carnival Miracle in January and will not be able to attend Camp Carnival. For those of you who have been in my boat, what did you do with your kids? We will have 4 days at sea, so I am expecting a lot of down time. Did you pack a ton of toys (or if you didn't, wish you did)? Thanks! Any feedback will be extremely helpful.
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