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  1. I would not send any more money to the cruise lines right now. Just too many unknowns, imo.
  2. Just received our refund today from a June Alaska cruise we cancelled on March 30th.
  3. We're at a little over 30 days now since cancelling. I personally wouldn't have a big problem waiting another 30-60 days if i had any confidence that anything would change in that timeframe. Right now it seems like we're waiting just so we can say we waited the prescribed timeframe without any real expectations of something happening. If the cruise lines don't have the cash on hand to make refunds today, what is likely to change about that situation in the next 60 days?
  4. Ah, the ship we were supposed to be on for our Alaska cruise in just a few short weeks. Makes me both happy and a bit sad to see her. Very nice looking ship, though.
  5. We have a bit of fcc from a recently cancelled cruise and not thinking of booking anything just yet. Need to see how this situation shakes out a bit more first.
  6. It should cancel the flight ease fares too. You may want to check whether there are any cancellation fees tho. We got charged $900 on our flight even though we were within the deposit refund period. They did refund it as fcc, though.
  7. We're in the same position with a june Alaska cruise and i agree with you. There seems to be a strange rush to defend HAL for a lack of communication here which i find....puzzling. How much work does it take to send out an email on this? It would certainly help with the flood of calls they're likely receiving on this situation. It seems like they're hoping either ppl cancel on their own out of frustration or hoping they can find some other way to still make the cruises happen....
  8. They certainty are trying to downplay it as much as possible arent they? "We have no reason to suspect your information is being misused". How in the world could they provide any assurance of that?
  9. Thats what we did. I would have rather used for dining, but im sure we'll find another use for it. Maybe use it to towards the hsc? Not sure the policy on that with hal.
  10. Nami sushi appears to he the only specialty dining option with a la carte pricing, at least on the k.
  11. Our sailing is one week before yours and the specialty dining reservations just opened up for us a few days ago. I'd keep checking on it as it seems to be somewhat random when it shows up for any given cruise date.
  12. Thanks for the responses all. I decided to go ahead and book the specialty dining in advance and pay now. One less thing to worry about when boarding. I'll find something else to spend the rest of the OBC on.
  13. Its promotional OBC so i dont believe its refundable. Looks like the better bet is just book in advance.
  14. You're right. Sel de mer is still a la carte so maybe we just splurge a little there.
  15. Thats kind of what I'm afraid of happening. I'm tempted to just book and pay now, but we have a $600 obc and i don't know how we'll use it all if i don't put it towards dining. Pretty much everything else is already paid for.
  16. Thanks for the information. We'll be on the koningsdam in june for an alaska cruise for 7 days.
  17. So, we're cruising with HAL in June and just had specialty dining open for reservations online. We were hoping to use our OBC to pay for the specialty dining, however it looks like you're charged online immediately upon booking a reservation. We called cusromer service about this and were told that HAL keeps a certain number of reservations open for those who want to book upon boarding the ship. For those who may have done it this way, did you have any luck getting the dining times you wanted? I'm imagining fighting through a mad rush of people boarding the ship only to find out all the reservations are already taken.
  18. Does anyone have a pic of the new CO bags they're giving out now? Just curious since we'll be on the k in a ns later this year
  19. For us, it's nothing. We get decent medical coverage with our saphire reserve, including the evac reimbursement. So, we haven't felt the need to buy additional insurance on top of that.
  20. Im on the k in June and as a fellow germaphobe, i hope thats not the case
  21. As others have said, we tip extra for exemplary service, but dont feel obligated to give more to everyone just for doing their normal jobs. Thats what the dsc is for. On our last cruise(with ncl) we gave a little extra to our butler, who did a very nice job, and that was it.
  22. It also appears hal may be tinkering with the club hal kids programs on certain ships, so if thats something you would plan on using, it might be worth looking into.
  23. Thanks for the link to the menu. Definitely looks like a winner to me.
  24. We had the oppourtnity to book an aft wrap on our Alaska cruise but went midship instead. Reduced motion and proximity to the nl were priorities for us though.
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