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  1. A couple on our dining table were in the same situation - they were stuck in the terminal building for several hours. We didn’t mind missing Propriano as we’d visited previously on a land holiday and we really liked Ajaccio.
  2. Yes it was. The one that had the “interesting” experience in Civitavecchia! We were confined onboard that day watching the tugs holding her against the dock.
  3. We went to Ajaccio in May 2019. We should have been in Propriano, but the sea was too rough to tender there so we diverted.
  4. It started off dull and cold here, but has been sunny this afternoon. By current standards a busy day for us! We started with our usual Tuesday coffee over Zoom with 3 other couples - always a good laugh. Then we went for a long walk across the local golf course and this afternoon drove to Homebase to buy batteries for the burglar alarm. I feel quite tired out 🤣🤣
  5. We have never been on Britannia, but have booked suites on other P&O ships. The canapés are generally not great, but as with everything it’s down to personal taste. There are a lot of small pastry tartlets with strange fillings! We do however enjoy the smoked salmon on rye and the chocolate dipped strawberries - the nicer ones are usually on formal nights! Being able to have a peaceful unhurried breakfast in a separate restaurant for us is one of the best suite perks!
  6. Another lovely sunny day here. OH has been gardening (filling up the brown bin for collection on Wednesday) and I did a bit of housework. Exciting news! I had a phone call from my hairdresser and have an appointment for April 12th 🤞😀
  7. We also love Valletta and have visited twice. It was a place I had always wanted to see as my Dad was in the Navy in WW2 and was on one of the destroyers that escorted the convoy that relieved the island from starvation in 1942. All those serving on the ships were awarded a special medal and in 1995 it was presented to him by the Maltese High Commissioner in London.
  8. Happy birthday Pete. Hope you enjoy your special tea with the family. Lovely bright day here and the sun felt really warm on our walk this morning. Hopefully the better weather has arrived in time for the first day of Spring on Monday!
  9. Welcome back Graham. Pleased to hear that you have had your jab and that your eye check up went well too.
  10. To return to the original question we went on a cruise in the second half of April 2019. We stopped at several Portuguese and Spanish ports and had lovely warm sunny weather. An added benefit was that it was not so crowded as later in the summer.
  11. Lovely photos of Santorini - thank you everyone. We’ve not been there, but it’s on the wish list now!
  12. Both Aurora and Arcadia have full prom decks and we always walk several times around them on sea days - one of the many pleasures of the cruise and goes someway to offset all that lovely food! 🤣 You can also see the sea when walking inside along some of the corridors of course, but we would rather be outdoors whatever the weather.
  13. Once P&O no longer have Aurora or Arcadia we won’t sail with them again. We always book at least a balcony cabin and in all likelihood will try Saga with the idea of only cruising once a year to offset the higher cost. The larger ‘resort’ ships do not appeal to us.
  14. Thank you Damian. They were taken when we stayed at a hotel on the Grand Canal for a few nights which we have done 3 times as well as at least 5 visits on cruises. I love Venice at night as it is much quieter and there is something magical about seeing so many of the buildings lit up.
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