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  1. I agree. We usually now stick to 18 or 19 nights which is just right for us.
  2. I agree completely and prefer to catch up with all the washing when we get home. We always cruise from Southampton so take enough clothes to last although so far have not been away longer than 22 nights. We take a tube of travel wash and use that to hand wash any underwear if needed.
  3. I agree and have the same problem Adawn47!😪 We do though take a couple of reusable plastic bottles with carbon filters attached. We drink a lot of water and find the tap water is perfectly drinkable when run through these after storing in the fridge.
  4. We are currently on a 19 nighter on Arcadia going to the Med - we shall have 5 formal nights.
  5. They were only giving out the paper and wooden version on Aurora in April.
  6. We send them on with the rest of our suitcases. I just carry on a very small bag containing valuables, iPad etc.
  7. We each have a garment carrier that is quite substantial (like a suitcase) and pack our posh clothes in those.
  8. We always book select and as I said before have always had the booklet until this cruise. We receive everything else through the post so I am inclined to believe that as my husband was told on the phone this is a trial for Arcadia’s 10th October cruise.
  9. Thanks for that it sounds a very good idea.
  10. We have always booked direct and this is the first time we’ve not received it. Printing paper luggage labels is not ideal as they are not as durable as the P&O issued ones.
  11. We had an email from P&O a few days ago advertising this.
  12. Thank you Andy that is interesting. We’ve always received one so far including our last cruise on Aurora in April.
  13. We are sailing on Arcadia on 10th October and phoned P&O as we realised that we had not received the usual pre-cruise booklet and luggage labels. Apparently our cruise has been selected as part of a trial to not issue the booklets. They offered to send the contents electronically and they have agreed to send some luggage labels! Unfortunately this looks like another case of P&O cost cutting and it seems they hadn’t even bothered to let us know of the change.
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