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  1. We always tip at the end, but only if we feel the butler has gone over and above etc. We’ve used him in the past for booking speciality dining and he’s always managed to get us what we have asked for. I realise things might be slightly different at the moment, but I would certainly suggest you ask him if he can help with your bookings.
  2. Happy Ruby Anniversary Graham and Pauline - hope you are having a lovely day.
  3. I had the same message yesterday. All seems fine now.
  4. We were due to be on that cruise so have also had the email. We were expecting it so are relieved that the decision has been made in good time. We shall ask for a refund as anything suitable for next year is not available.
  5. I’ve never seen this either. Our last cruise was Arcadia October 2019. We don’t do freedom dining though so maybe that is why I have never seen a “tip box” as of course with club dining you always have the same waiters throughout the cruise and would wish to personally give them any additional gratuity for exceptional service.
  6. We do too! I buy sausages from our local butcher and always keep some in the freezer. After a holiday of eating more elaborate and rich foods, especially when we’ve been on a cruise, we look forward to a simple meal such as sausages and mash often with frozen peas!
  7. I enjoy the opportunity to dress up and wear my long sparkly dresses on a cruise - it is virtually the only time I wear a dress as although we go out quite a lot I’m normally a trousers type of person. OH normally hates wearing formal clothes and his DJ is the only suit he owns. However on a cruise even he appreciates the formal nights although by the end of the cruise he’s usually glad he won’t have to do wear it again for a while 🤣🤣
  8. We are booked on Arcadia for the cruise before yours - 9th October to the Med. We booked onboard in October 2019 so only paid a deposit of £50 each. However we are also booked in a suite so the final payment due is about £10,000! We would obviously love to go, but do not feel we shall want to commit that amount of money in July, if that remains the final payment date, when it is most unlikely that we shall know at that point what the situation will be in the scheduled ports or if there will still be restrictions onboard.
  9. So sorry to hear the news Andy. Hope Michelle is soon feeling much better.
  10. A horrible day here today - heavy rain all afternoon and gloomy and feeling cold. Where has Spring gone? Pleased to see you back Andy and to hear that you and Michelle are well. So sorry to hear that Kalos and Mrs K have both been feeling unwell, but glad to see that Kalos is also back with us. I don’t post that often, but read the threads every day so like others have missed your contributions.
  11. I’m feeling exactly the same. Although we do socialise at home quite a lot in normal times I almost always wear trousers and smart tops. Cruises are the only times I wear dresses these days so I have lots of those and especially the long glittery ones that are gathering dust in the wardrobe. I’m reluctant to have a clear out at the moment as I’m still hopeful of a return to normality sometime.
  12. Thank you to Gettingwarmer and Izzywiz for organising this thread and to all of you who have posted your wonderful photos. It’s brought back many happy memories of the places we have visited and given inspiration for more places to hopefully visit in the future.
  13. I played golf this morning - first time for months that we have been able to have competitions. We had a lighthearted one playing in 3s. Weather was dry, but with a cold wind so afterwards we all had a quick cup of coffee outdoors in groups of 6. It was lovely to see everyone again and even better our team was 2nd and we won a bottle of wine each! I’m afraid I’m also a member of the fallers club. A few weeks ago everywhere around here was very muddy and twice on our daily walks I slipped over! Very embarrassed and wounded pride definitely, but thankfully apart from some bruises and coming home covered in mud I didn’t suffer any after effects. OH now keeps telling me to be careful and watch where I’m walking which can be quite irritating 🤣🤣
  14. Went for our usual walk this morning and it was already quite windy. It’s strengthened significantly since then, but still no sign of any rain yet. We’ve just been to the vaccination centre. OH had an appointment at 4pm and although mine was booked for next Friday they were happy to vaccinate me as well today. We’re both really pleased to have now had our second jabs.
  15. The photo is taken at the mouth of the Camel estuary near Polzeath on the north coast. The scenery is beautiful.
  16. We are half way through our trip to Cornwall and it’s another beautiful day. A long walk this morning followed by lunch outdoors in the sunshine. Bliss!
  17. It comes from DWP via www.gov.uk. If you google pension forecast it should come up as an option. Alternatively if you are already registered on the HMRC website with a Government gateway access you can view it directly.
  18. I was in the same situation as you. I was contracted out all my working life (Civil Service) and retired when I was 57 in 2012. Although I had enough years of NI contributions to qualify for the full basic state pension under the old rules I was able to increase my pension under the new rules by paying voluntary NI. I paid a further 4 years contributions which cost about £2800, but it increased my weekly pension, when I finally qualified for it at just short of my 66th birthday, by over £20 a week. In my view well worth it! Anyone who thinks they maybe affected due to retiring early should certainly apply for a pension forecast to check any shortfalls.
  19. We were able to pre-register on board Arcadia in October 2019. We were in Europe and they set up an additional booking area open in the morning in one of the lounges. It was busy, but worked well.
  20. Dorsoduro is also our favourite part of Venice. We have stayed there 3 times in the last few years. We spent our 40th wedding anniversary there with 3 of my “bridesmaids “ and their husbands and had a fabulous time.
  21. Beautiful day here today, 23° and hardly a cloud in the sky. We played golf this morning and it was great to able to wave and shout hello to some of our friends at the club. I haven’t played since October and although we’ve been walking 3-4 miles every day in lockdown I found golf really tiring and we only did 9 holes. Have had to spend the afternoon sitting in the garden with a bottle of cold rosé!
  22. OH and I both had the AZ vaccine. Our cards had our names on the top and the date and batch number that we had the jab. OH’s also has the date of his 2nd jab appointment.
  23. Just to mention that on Aurora breakfast is served in the Glass House and on Arcadia in Sindhu (there is no Epicurean on either ship.)
  24. You can also order lunch or dinner from the MDR menu to be served in your suite and any items ordered from the room service menu come without the usual additional charge.
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