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  1. Haha I have to say, it is funny how weirdly specific dissertation/thesis topics can get. I found my passion in studying the history of food, in part because it's a great way to examine how societies past encountered different cultures. By the time I started my master's, I decided to study the history cruise food. Having been on a few cruises with my family, I wanted to know more about how the floating vessel with like a dozen themed restaurants - a cosmopolitan hub - emerged. As well, that topic came from a place of passion. For years cruising has been a way for my family to spend time together. The ship is a place relatively isolated from the world, and it's easy to distance oneself from daily commitments and focus on quality time onboard - especially while dining. Because of that personal connection, I was very happy to pursue the topic in graduate school.
  2. Hi, I've now realized that I can't send messages so I'll leave you my email here. It's cruiseshipdining@outlook.com.
  3. You're an absolute legend, thank you kindly! The information you've given me here is extremely helpful. I'll check out Seaport Museum as well as the Culinary Institute of America. And if Peabody Essex Museum in Salem has the menus from those mass-market lines, I reckon arranging a research trip to take a look wouldn't be a problem. I assume it'll take them some time to make your donations available for archival research, but I can contact them to find out. Ebay does indeed have some, but they mainly seem to be from higher end lines like Holland America. I will dig deeper there, though. I'm not looking for anything too specific. Just menus from those mass-market lines from the 1970s to present, especially on Caribbean itineraries, to analyze how the cultural themes being offered changed over time. I'll message you with my email address. Thank you once again for your help, and I look forward to corresponding!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a PhD candidate researching the history of cruise ship dining. A large part of this involves looking at menus from the 1970s-1990s from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian. I've found some across various threads here, and in other online databases like the New York Public Library's (http://menus.nypl.org/ - really interesting stuff if you're into historical food). But I have some gaps for those decades that I can hopefully fill. I'd appreciate any help, either photographs of those menus from cruises you've been on (information relevant to those menus like dates/itineraries/cruise lines would be great) or leads towards where I might potentially find some. I would be happy to credit you in my dissertation using your preferred method (by name, username, or anonymous). Thank you!
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