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  1. We have only done one Princess, “Inside Passage” Alaskan Cruise, and among lots of crowds, with kids everywhere, not the cleanest Jr. Suite (or whatever size room it was) and communal restaurant, lots of mediocre food (except for the private restaurants), people hawking artwork, noisy casino, etc., we decided there has to be something better out there. Our Princess “cleanliness experience“ never came close to what Viking does. In October, when we were on the Sun, the crew were sanitizing our patio, washing windows, our steward left us with clean mirrors, when walking the promenade, you could smell fresh paint, hand railings were always being cleaned, etc. We discovered Viking Ocean, and we too “drank the Kool-Aid“ 😌. While we have booked four previous VO cruises, We have only taken two. (Two cruises cancelled by Viking to Cuba & our May02 Cruise). Each Viking Cruise we did take was magnificent. The ships are extraordinarily clean, their crew is remarkable in what they do, and their everyday friendly demeanor, it’s an adults-only atmosphere, we never felt crowded, the food was more than nice, and as a company, Viking is a wonderful organization. Sorry I’m biased and have to say, Princess is no where Close to being in the same league as Viking😌
  2. Glad that you are “sheltering in place”. We in MO have a “whoosy” stay-at-home order. Luckily, our county govt. ordered stay-at-home, way before our governor. I can see the order is working Out here...little glimmers of hope. When grocery shopping, we became a bit spooked, by people in gloves & masks. We now have SHIPT delivery service. We have been to Costco a few times, picked-up carry-out, taken some walks, dropped off food to loved ones, and that’s the extent of our outdoor social life. Everyone stay well, stay safe, and stay sane😌
  3. Welcome Home. we have had several weeks to “adapt” to this new life” as we now know it”. You are all first being “thrusted” into it, for the first time. I know you can already determine, reading and watching videos of what is currently occurring is nothing like “actually living it”. The “social distancing, The sheltering in place, the paranoia of how to handle delivered groceries, the pain of a loved one on a ventilator, the elation when they are released from ICU, or released from a hospital, the sadness of those not so fortunate, those without employment, the small parades celebrating those coming home and for first responders. It all takes on new meaning. It’s different. It’s a lot. I can only say remember “baby steps”, when adapting to all of this. I have hope that we will be resilient, and that as a result, many will become better people, with softer hearts, and that will be good. I wish everyone on CC blessings on this Easter day, and everyday.-Jukebo1x.
  4. Wishing you and the rest of the group good health and safe travel home. . Again, thanks so much for sharing both on CC and the blog.😌
  5. Andy, Last night, Mr. Hagen did a bit of a “shout out” to you https://email.viking.com/pub/sf/FormLink?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DYQpglLjHJlTQGr4uCczbzftSzdL5BTe8p4dG6YUyOKKvzb3rjBhBi8U98D8cnMPFtrzf1zffkVXMtX%3DYQpglLjHJlTQGr4uCczbzftSzdL5BTe8p4dG6Wt2qKvfskvfe03zalOIhAJzcBstPgzcWEdmza&_ei_=EolaGGF4SNMvxFF7KucKuWM4quudVGw_sRD5xw5_23t1lz_Vhd5AHhRLYE0O8TXVxfbHfZoaoCj1VXXaNlqVdYpZ5t5gXwJskMPef6zOAkmXLkfcrnk.&_di_=sf4dndi6mkv9k9c9jk5m8amsm1v0fd3pqgpm9b153au50mj0hvug
  6. See above. Please let’s not talk about all this. they must remain safe.
  7. Crazy as this may sound, I see 2 options: Canadian Government plane or ...you 8 complete the WC on The Sun... just brainstorming...not making jokes
  8. It was a remarkable run. Congratulations to the pax & crew of The Sun. Wishing you all safe travels and good health. Thanks Andy & Judi for sharing youur experiences with all of us.
  9. Andy, so be thankful you are all in your bubble. Within the latest hour, in Illinois: The governor, has closed Seating in bars & restaurants. You can still get food “to go”, but I don’t know about booze. Just too weird. I guess I too need one of those foil hats
  10. We continue to cheer you on. Your environment is probably One of the safest and healthiest in the world!-Jeannette
  11. Just glad that you have closure. We’ll be in Oslo on May 01 (VO pre-cruise). We are hoping we can do our trip...fingers & toes crossed, but will be, will be. I am thrilled that everyone was a able to disembark in Bali. I just want everyone safe & healthy. Travel safely & have a total blast😌
  12. I don’t know from where you are flying, however if in the states, then call Biking, and ask to speak to someone in the states, and not the Philippines. I had to do this today, because an AirPlus individual in the Philippines could not log into the AirPlus system & told me to call back on Monday. Please, I don’t lack respect for people in other Countries, however sometimes they only have limited access to what you need to find out.
  13. We have 3 VO’s booked between May2020 & May 2021, and received these notifications as well. We plan on doing all three. Just one more reason why we ❤️VIKING-😌
  14. Viking never ceases to amaze me. last month, we were supposed to go to Cuba (On The Sky). As you may recall, our government “shut that opportunity down”. It was not Viking’s fault. Viking immediately refunded the money plus the TripMate insurance money. We could have taken their Caribbean option, but we had already booked our October West Indies cruise on The Sun. We ended up spending that refund (& then some) on our upcoming British Isles Cruise, on The Jupiter. I’m thrilled that the whiners will now hopefully leave The Sun😌
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