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  1. Looks somewhat like Namesti Republiky (Republic Square) in Prague. Just a guess.
  2. Boy, that brings back memories. I was introduced to Kirschwasser at my first Thanksgiving with my late in-laws in California over 50 years ago. They had emigrated to California from Freiburg. After dinner Heinrich introduced me to Kirschwasser and the Goldwasser. Today, my wife is making roulade and apfelkuchen as our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. Been a long time (2015), but wild guess here, is it Nierstein on the Rhine?
  4. I realize this thread has been dormant for awhile, so if someone feels a different thread might be more appropriate/on-topic, please let me know. We are considering a cruise next Sept. on the AmaMagna and I am interested in past cruisers' opinions of the excursions - particularly the bike excursions in Vienna and Passau. We have taken several (4) river cruises since 2015, all on Uniworld. Our last experience was not so stellar, so we are "moving on". Our last cruise, Bucharest to Prague had a couple of bike excursions that were mediocre at best, thus the reason for th
  5. In title, no. I suppose a robust semantic discussion could erupt.
  6. Taken while we were waiting for our ship to catch up with us.
  7. Yes, a "must see". We have visited twice, once overnight on a round trip road trip Frankfurt to Florence in the early 90's and once on a Main/Rhine river cruise Bamburgh to Basel in 2015.
  8. Main River - Marktplatz in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
  9. Our first river cruise was with Uniworld in 2015. The cruise started with a land portion in Prague and ended in Basel, Switzerland. They no longer offer this itinerary, but it was wonderful. The actual cruise started in Bamberg and traversed West on the Main through the Franken wine region. Wines at dinner, all local, were fantastic. Only when we got home did we come to realize the Franken production is fairly small and primarily locally consumed.. We should have bought some there and sent it home.
  10. We WERE Uniworld regulars and proponents; four cruises 2015 through 2019. 2015 (pre- Bettridge) was wonderful. Sent several customers their way after our first experience in 2015. Did France (Rhone) next - 2017, beginning of Bettridge regime. Noticed cut back of staff and services. Also noted added dining "opportunity" at stern that affected passenger common areas- code "additional revenue source". Several sudden itinerary changes not positive for passengers and reduced quality in excursions and tour leaders. Next year Eastern Europe. Food and beverage quality poor and ship understaffed
  11. We did a cruise in 2019 that originated in Giurgiu with a pre-cruise stay in Bucharest (which we extended by a week to visit the Black Sea and Transylvania). If you have time, I would encourage you to spend a couple of nights in Bucharest before heading home. Bucharest is very affordable, the food is good and there are many interesting, and inexpensive, small hotels in the Bucharest Old Town which is pedestrian only. We stayed in a small boutique hotel in Old Town that had a private outdoor terrace that overlooked a square where street artists performed every evening. Bucharest was a highli
  12. guess that no photos sign in the middle of your picture didn't apply to you
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